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1 Million Covid-19 Doses Pledged In The G7 Summit

The covid-19 pandemic has taken a toll on human life globally. Millions of people have been infected with the virus and many more have died due to the pandemic. Strict restrictions during the pandemic and locking down everything could not be the solution forever. 

The solution lies in a proper and effective vaccine that will help prevent the spread of the infection. And with a couple of Covid-19 vaccines that are now approved for use, people and the governments in the world are hopeful about getting back on track. The situation seems a bit improved to lift up the restrictions.

1 Million Covid-19 Doses Pledged In The G7 Summit

Even the G7 summit that took place in Cornwall, United Kingdom, has a focus on improving the ongoing crisis in the world. While discussing the crisis, and the steps to be taken to improve the situation, the summit has also focused on the need of vaccination programs and the optimum supply of vaccines. The main agenda of the 47th G7 summit was to focus on world health and to prevent such pandemics.

1 Million Covid-19 Doses Pledged In The G7 Summit

While talking about the need for vaccines, the great summit has come to a necessary agreement about helping the poorer nations to get access to vaccines. 

While rich and developed nations have access to vaccines, the developing nations are still struggling to get some doses. In the G7 summit, the rich nations have pledged to stake their claim and pledged to provide about 1 billion coronavirus vaccine doses to the developing countries. 

The United States, France, Britain and Canada has promised to donate vaccines to poor nations by 2022.

The rich nations made a vow to support the poor countries in the combat against the Covid-19 pandemic. They also pledged to help the developing countries grow during this difficult time. They want the countries to grow while looking at the climate change pact at the same time. The rich nations have also backed the minimum tax on multinational firms.

This year’s G7 summit is the first to be held face to face in 2 years. The world leaders have promised to support the cause of global health, green energy, infrastructure and education. 

It was emphasized that the great power of the seven rich nations-Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States, is back on track for the cause of international cooperation after the havoc caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The summit also highlighted the fact that they are a better friend to the world and to the developing nations rather than China.

It was President Joe Biden’s first foreign visit and also the first G7 meeting since he resumed office this year in January. At the end of the meeting, he said that the G7 meeting was quite a productive, fruitful and extraordinary meeting with a lot of collaborative efforts. 

The meeting was praised by the United Kingdom’s prime minister and the host of the 47th G7 summit. He added that there was a fantastic degree of harmony among the leaders of the nations.

But the meeting was criticized by many renowned activists. According to the head of unequal policy at the international aid group Oxfam, the world leaders have failed the common people. Amidst the grave pandemic and the changing climate that is destroying the planet, the great nations have failed to deal with these challenges in an effective way. 

Even after the WHO’s Covax program and Johnson’s cry to vaccinate the world population by 2022, the truth is that the poor nations are still short of 11 billion promised doses. As per WHO, it requires 70% of the world’s population to be vaccinated to control the pandemic, which seems to be achieved late due to the shortage of Covid-19 vaccines. 

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