12 Key Battleground States In US 2020 Election

Close to 12 key battleground states will decide the winner in this Presidential election. Based on several polls and results coming in from official sources, the Presidential election is heading for a tight battle, and while most states have given a clear mandate, these 12 states will be of prime importance in deciding the winner.

12 Key Battleground States In US 2020 Election

While Trump was doing good in most of these states just a year ago, things changed drastically with the Covid 19 pandemic. As the pandemic hit the US badly when compared to many other countries, it became difficult for the Trump administration to handle the crisis. They tried to downplay the threat of coronavirus so that they could keep the economy open across the country. This move backfired when cases began to rise, and the country had to go for a lockdown that resulted in several job losses and a healthcare crisis.

Most of the swing states got badly affected, and this can also become a deciding factor in this election. Close to 100 million people have already cast early ballots, and this is a record in the US.

Coming to Arizona, this has always been a Republican stronghold, and Bill Clinton was the only Democrat who managed to win 11 electoral votes in Arizona back in 1996. In the last election, Trump managed a decent victory with over 3.5% votes. However, analysts expect that things are not looking rosy for Trump in this region and Biden has a good chance of pulling a victory in this state.

North Carolina is also showing similar trends with Trump leading by just over one point which he had comfortably won by 3.6% in 2016. Back in 2008 Obama managed to win this state with 15 electoral votes. It would be interesting to see how Biden can fare in this region.

Pennsylvania could become a key state in the election, and both parties knew this even before the elections. Trump held numerous rallies in this region during the last leg of his campaign. Even Biden made his presence felt in this region as there is a good chance of winning 20 electoral votes in Pennsylvania. As per latest results, Biden is now leading by around 4.3 points in this region.

Other than that, Michigan and Wisconsin are key states that are leaning towards Biden in this election. Trump had managed to win both these states in the 2016 elections. However, the margin was very thin, and Trump had won with a margin of just 11000 votes among the total votes of 4.8 million. As of now, Biden is all set for a comfortable victory in this region.

Nevada is also turning out to be an interesting battleground with the growing Latino population. However, even has a background of being a casino owner and he has some good connections in this region. The latest reports indicate that Biden is leading by around 3.6 points in this region.

During the 2016 elections, Clinton made a mistake by neglecting Wisconsin, and she never campaigned in this region that could have given her 10 electoral votes. She lost by just about 23000 votes out of the total 3 million votes. However, Biden understood the importance of winning this state and campaigned aggressively in this region. The results are showing, and he is comfortably leading by around 6.6 points.

According to political analysts, Florida is an important state with 29 electoral votes, and no Republican president has won White House without Florida other than Calvin Coolidge in 1924. As of now, the state is leaning towards Biden by a small margin. Democrats have an early advantage in this region, but Trump supporters are managing to close in, and it will be a tight race in this state.

Analysts are of the opinion that it may all come down to the Latino votes of the state and they may decide which way the electoral votes swing in Florida. Some experts point out that Biden is lagging in this regard and not able to get enough support from Cuban Americans and Latino voters.

Republicans have a strong base in Georgia, and they have managed to keep the state since the last two decades. Even in the last elections, Trump won with a decent margin of 5.1 points, and the latest polls indicate a tough battle in this election.

Trump had managed to get a decent margin of 10 points in Iowa during the 2016 elections. Even though he is leading in 2020 also, the margin has reduced a lot, and he is just up by around 1% in Iowa that has 6 electoral votes.

Ohio is yet another crucial state in this election with 18 electoral votes, and Trump is finding it tough to get a good margin in this election. In the last election, Trump managed a decent victory with over 8 points. But latest reports indicate a tough fight and the margin is as close as 1 point. Trump had doubts over this region even before the election, and he had offered to support the state with trade deals and manufacturing jobs. The state has always picked a winner since 1964, and it would be interesting to see which way it leans in the 2020 election.

New Hampshire and Texas are the next to watch out as things are getting close in these states. As of now, Biden has some advantage in Texas, and it can give him a solid 29 electoral votes if he manages to pull off a victory.

These are the top battleground states that may decide the winner in this election. Many other states have given clear mandates, and there are very few surprises. However, these states can swing either way, and both the candidates are running neck to neck in these states. The latest polls indicate that Biden may be having some advantage in some of these swing states and this can get him close to occupying White House. Only time will tell, how these states can influence the final outcome of the 2020 US election.

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