1900 Moderna Doses Destroy In VA Boston Pharmacy

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 22, 2021

In Boston, 1900 doses of Modern vaccine were destroyed, as the freezer in which those were being stored was accidentally unplugged by a cleaner.

The public affairs specialist at VA Boston Healthcare System, Kyle Toto said in a statement that one of the VA Boston Pharmacy staff could detect a failure of the freezer at the Jamaican Plain campus last Tuesday. Shortly after, 1900 doses of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine stored in the freezer were compromised. 

1900 Moderna Doses Destroy In VA Boston Pharmacy

Toto added that the freezer was kept in a secure location at the Boston Pharmacy. An alarm system was also attached to the freezer. However, the plug was found loose since a contractor accidentally removed it during the cleaning process. 

1900 Moderna Doses Destroy In VA Boston Pharmacy

He added that officials have started to investigate the incident to find out why the alarm system remained numb when it was supposed to work immediately after the connection was lost.

Presently, replenishment doses are in process, said Toto, and the officials don’t see any disruption in the distribution of the vaccine that possibly occurs in the future.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the designated facilities had received the Moderna vaccine doses with a temperature between 13 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

After receiving the doses, it was shifted to the pharmacy freezer as it can be kept frozen or stored at a temperature between 36- 46 degrees Fahrenheit. The doses can be kept like this for about 30 days before the vials are penetrated. 

Since Vaccines are fragile, they must be stored properly from the time they were manufactured until administration.

A proper cold chain (proper maintenance of vaccines during transport with proper temperature control) is required to ensure the benefit of the vaccine is fuller as people receive it. The vaccines are also maintained under a temperature recommended by the manufacturer and protected from light. 

Earlier last month, a similar incident occurred when a pharmacist allegedly destroyed hundreds of Moderna vaccine doses at the Aurora Medical Center in Grafton. 

The man was identified as Steven Brandenburg, who removed 57 vials from a refrigerator in which each voila contained 10 doses of vaccines. The motive behind his deed was he strongly had a misbelief that the vaccine is dangerous and could alter human DNA.

Initially, the authority thought that the incident was merely a matter of carelessness, and they made a statement based on that.

However, a few hours later, a new statement appeared and stated that the culprit admitted that he deliberately removed the doses from the refrigerator in a motive to destroy them.

The U.S presently confronts the worst face of the pandemic, carrying the topmost position in the world to have the highest number of COVID-related deaths and contractions. In such a condition, similar incidents had occurred within months, adding to the current dilemma.

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