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Covid-19 Could Cause 200,000 Cases Daily In The US In Six Weeks, CDC Director’s Former Deputy Says

A recent CNN report indicates that Covid-19 cases are likely to increase about four times in the US in the upcoming four to six weeks due to the spread of the Delta variant and a lack of vaccination coverage.

In the United States, it’s likely that we will see as many as 200,000 cases a day if we follow a similar trajectory to the United Kingdom. He added that despite the fact that a lot of vulnerable individuals are vaccinated, the US is unlikely to see the “horrendous death toll” of earlier pandemics. In spite of those positive changes, he said that we’re going to see more deaths, and these are preventable deaths.

US data compiled by Johns Hopkins University indicate that the last time more than 200,000 new cases were reported in one day was January. There is a belief that the Delta variant has higher transmission rates than other strains — so high in fact, Frieden said, that it is primarily found in the unvaccinated.

Covid-19 Could Cause 200,000 Cases Daily In The US In Six Weeks, CDC Director’s Former Deputy Says

Despite health experts’ recommendations and incentive programs, many people in the country remain unvaccinated. US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that just 49.1% of the population is completely vaccinated. The CDC reports that vaccines are being administered in far fewer doses to the eligible population on a daily basis, with only about two-thirds receiving at least one dose.

Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania’s Director of the Vaccine Education Center, Dr. Paul Offit, told Philadelphia magazine vaccination rates have reached a plateau, and that could have severe effects. Approximately 25% to 30% of the population refuses to get shots, and they do not care if this virus spreads, damages people, and, worse yet, creates variations that may be resistant to vaccine immunity, he added.

According to CNN Medical Analyst Dr. Leana Wen, those who are vaccinated will probably pay a cost for their choices. Though vaccines provide strong protection from the virus, being surrounded by unvaccinated people can increase infection spread, making vaccinated people more vulnerable to becoming ill or infecting their family members, she explained.

Covid-19 Could Cause 200,000 Cases Daily In The US In Six Weeks, CDC Director's Former Deputy Says

By refusing vaccinations, people are endangering everyone and prolonging the pandemic, said Wen. Vaccines are still helping mitigate the impact of the pandemic even considering the risk posed by vaccinated populations. If vaccinations had not been available, there would have been hundreds of deaths for every death (that occurs) in the coming weeks, Frieden said.

The government starts adopting vaccination requirements

In order for the country to reach the full level of vaccination protection, some health experts suggest requiring vaccination prior to working in certain places or attending school. The suggestion is now being taken up by some government entities.

The California state government and all health care workers will be required to provide vaccination records or get regular vaccination tests starting in August, Gov. Gavin Newsom said Monday.

A state employee who has not been vaccinated and who is unprotected will be required to take a test at least once a week and wear an N95 mask at all times. The state’s health department plans to require healthcare workers who are not vaccinated at least two times a week to get tested.

New York City officials plan to implement a similar policy, in which all employees of New York City agencies, including schools, fire, and police, will have the option of getting vaccinated or getting tested regularly, Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

White House initially resisted calling for vaccination mandates, but on Monday it supported the recommendation of a large collection of medical associations that vaccinations be mandated for all US health workers.

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