2021 Has Already Added 2 Million New Covid Cases In US

According to the latest reports, more than 2 million cases of coronavirus have been added to the total tally in the last 9 days.

Authorities are worried that January could become the deadliest month ever since the pandemic as the cases are rising at a rapid pace across the country.

2021 Has Already Added 2 Million New Covid Cases In US

According to official data, it took about 90 days for the country to reach the first 2 million cases of coronavirus in 2020.

On the other hand, the year 2021 has already added 2 million cases in just over 10 days. Health experts are of the opinion that the situation is likely to continue in the same manner for the next few weeks. The CDC had already warned of such circumstances after the Christmas holidays.

Due to this reason, the CDC had issued a strict warning against traveling during the holiday season. However, millions of people across the country traveled during the year-end holidays and this has triggered a new wave of coronavirus infections across the country.

The CDC estimates that the trend is likely to continue at the same pace for another 2 months even as the vaccine roll out program is spreading across different states.

The authorities are not able to implement mask mandates and avoid social gatherings during the festival season. This is the main reason for the increased number of cases in the last few weeks.

The hospitals across several states are now running out of ICU beds. The situation is so critical that some hospitals have informed the paramedics team to avoid bringing patients to the hospital in an emergency situation when the chances of survival is less.

The year 2021 has begun on a scary note as more than 27000 new covid-19 deaths have been reported in a matter of nine days.

Looking into the situation, authorities are now clear that January will cross the December figures when it comes to the monthly death count due to covid-19 the US. December was the deadliest month so far with more than 77000 deaths due to covid-19.

Several leaders are worried that urgent policy action will be needed in the near future to avoid the worst possible outcome.

Yet another concern for the authorities is the arrival of the more transmissible variant of coronavirus from other countries. As of now, the US has reported more than 50 cases of coronavirus involving the new variant.

According to latest reports, nearly 130,000 covid 19 patients are hospitalized across the US at the moment. The figures have not come down below 100,000 since last month.

Health officials are worried that several hospitals across the US will have a difficult time providing treatment to covid-19 patients.

Several people still do not use masks and do not care much about social distancing when they travel across the country.

These individuals are traveling through different modes and spreading the infection in the community. The authorities are helpless in this regard as they can not avoid the situation in any manner without the cooperation of the public.

Several states are worried that the health care system would collapse in the near-term unless the cases are brought under control.

States like California, Florida, and Texas are seeing a huge surge in recent weeks and hospitals are running beyond their capacity. The states are using other community centers in order to treat covid-19 patients due to the lack of ICU beds in hospitals.

California has been reporting close to 50,000 cases on a daily basis since the last two weeks. The health care system is overburdened with covid-19 and the states are not able to provide proper treatment to non-covid patients.

Health authorities are of the opinion that the only way to protect ourselves from the infection is to follow the covid-19 precautions and avoid moving outside unless it is absolutely necessary.

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