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2021: The Darkest Days Of The War Against COVID-19 And Vaccine

There is a trio of promising and effective coronavirus vaccine that has promised to plunge a state through the fearful and dark pandemic-riddled heart of 2020. Now, that is good news. But, there is less encouraging news that our national resolve will be tested continuously in 2021 and as a comprehensive inoculation rollout can be expected only by summer.

2021: The Darkest Days Of The War Against COVID-19 And Vaccine

Meantime, we need to face the winter. Nationwide, COVID-19 cases and deaths are rising, and they are taxing hospital facilities and staff. The school disruptions also seem inevitable, and there is an increase in the number of frustrated parents and vexed students. Now, one more sad story, and that is a recession; it has plunged millions of people into unemployment. Recession is challenging the incoming administration of Joe Biden, and he must bring a relief.

There is a need for a united front, but patrician politics linger wholly undermined it. The united front can help in stemming the tide of death along with economic disruption. Nina Lewellen said, ‘I can only face this one day at a time.’A 30-year-old from Detroit struggled for five days in intensive because of COVID-19 during her birthday last June. Lewellen is upset since most of her Michigan peers are taking the virus lightly, and she explains the repercussions she is dealing with, including hair loss and headaches.

2021: The Darkest Days Of The War Against COVID-19 And Vaccine

Lewellen added, ‘people must anticipate the worst things in the next few months from COVID-19. So, I decided to share my own experience with the infection, and I hope that I can convince more and more people to be careful. We know that vaccines will help, but we should also understand that it is still a long way to receive it.

Conversations with futurists, historians, business leaders, and doctors around the country painted 2021 as a year of opportunity and challenge. The coming year can be the one that sees us facing continued disruptions in our life and work. But, one day in the coming year, we will get the opportunity to appreciate the joys of attending ceremonies, and we may even enjoy throwing a Little League after the barbeque.

The entire journey from the current situation to there is simple as per experts. We must be highly committed to collectively facing the 2021 hardships, which can make us faster to reap the freedom-filed days and rewards promised by vaccines.

Douglas Brinkley said, ‘we are moving towards the darkest days of our fight on coronavirus,’ a historian at Rice University in Houston. Brinkley’s books have chronicled so many facts, and they include the space race to World War II. People’s effort to beat the pandemic has revealed both the worst and best of the American character.

Brinkley said, ‘on the one side, the pandemic has approved that we have little attention spans. It proved that we don’t trust science and don’t believe in the fittest’s survival. But on the other hand, it has also shown tireless compassion of nurses, hospital staff and doctors working overtime to save lives. We need the same community spirit to fight against the pandemic. ‘

Winter: It could be worst, and it can be the health crisis in the country’s history.

The majority of the experts sound the alarm of a health crisis. Robert Redfield, who is the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, warned people that the coming three months, winter could be ‘the most difficult time’. It must be considered as a public health crisis in the nation’s history. We may have to face upwards of 450,000 deaths, which is possible by February since there is up from around 280,000 currently.

David Beasley, who is the World Food Program executive director, said, ‘the coming year 2021 will become catastrophic. The several humanitarian crises may be exacerbated since poorer nations wait for COVID-19 vaccines for a long period.’

Melinda Gates, a philanthropist, said, ‘now it is nothing but a stretch of very dark months ahead of us.’ She is working along with her husband Bill for decades in curbing infectious diseases. In an interview, she was about vaccine scepticism in the country threatening to undermine the pandemic along with recovery.

Increased Michigan test revealed a 13 percent rise in positivity rate and 7-day death toll figures. Hence, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer pleaded and warned people that they must rethink their holiday plans and travel.

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