30 Day Gut Reset Review- Solve Your Gut Health Problems, Once And For All!!

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Welcome to my 30 Day Gut Reset review. The digestive system is commonly known for helping with the breakdown of our consumed food, and then fully digesting it after our bodies have absorbed the essential nutrients. However, our digestive system is responsible for quite a lot of bodily changes that we undergo, often unknowingly.

30 Day Gut Reset Review- Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Any Gut Issues

It is triggered as soon as you consume foods that are not suitable for them to successfully break down. Your gut plays an important role in your life, and failing to take proper care of it may result in various health issues. In the 30 Day Gut Reset Program, Lexie runs you through the dos and don’ts of maintaining a healthy gut, freeing you from problems like acne, yeast infections, canker sores, etc. you would have to face, otherwise.


30 Day Gut Reset is one of the effective packages to get rid of all your bodily discomforts and health issues that root from your unhealthy gut. Not only does this help you know what foods are best to keep you and your gut healthy and happy, but also puts your body at a stage where it prioritizes weight loss besides taking care of your gut.

Program Name30 Day Gut Reset
CreatorLexie Ward
Main BenefitsHelps you get rid of any gut issues
CategoryGut Health
Specification3 phase system including daily videos and Ebook PDF
Duration30 Day
Money-Back Guarantee30 Days
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

About 30 Day Gut Reset Program

According to 30 Day Gut Reset review, it is an effective tool created by Lexie Ward. It holds up the importance of your gut and what all can go wrong if proper care is not given to it. Your gut comes in direct contact with the food you consume, which is why it is vital to know what foods actually suit your body. Filling yourself up with nutritious foods is definitely the key to living a healthy life, but what if they are not meant for you?

Take the simple example of milk. Milk can be the best fix for your calcium deficiency. Not only that, but it is enriched with other essential components like phosphorus, potassium, and Vitamins B and D. It is a great source of protein intake which helps you remain active throughout the day, also keeping you away from osteoporosis and other bone-weakening problems.

With milk and other dairy products being filled with the goodness of calcium and other essential nutrients, it is normal for anyone to gulp down 1-2 glasses of it every day, due to its multiple health benefits. But, milk might turn out to be a harmful food source if you are lactose intolerant. Being lactose intolerant is simply a disorder where a person’s body is unable to absorb the lactose that is found in milk. Despite being packed with most of the beneficial nutritional elements, drinking milk can put lactose intolerant people at the discomfort of having diarrhea, gas, and bloating.

This was just a mere example of how even nutritious foods can have an ill impact on your gut and distort the proper functionality of your digestive system. In the 30 Day Gut Reset program, Lexie helps you come in terms with your unique gut and which foods are the best for its wellbeing. Instead of handing you over a nutritional health chart, the owner and designer of this program aid you to identify the foods that cause zero irritation to your gut and helps you lead a comfortable and active life.


Benefits of 30 Day Gut Reset pdf

The 30 Day Gut Reset program not only looks at the comfort of your gut but also makes it simple for you to use it. It consists of video tutorials and other necessary information, all of which are provided to you on your smart devices. After its purchase, you can download it on your smartphones, tablets, or laptops, whichever is the most convenient for you.

Besides, you can still work with your nutritionist or fitness coach while following the 30 Day Gut Reset program. It tells you the foods that are right for your gut, can focuses more on their qualities than their quantities. No calorie count is provided via this program. If your fitness coach has suggested you foods that are not suitable for your gut, then you might need to switch to their close alternatives. That brings little change to your food intake and you are still able to work with your trusted coach.

As mentioned in this 30 Day Gut Reset review, it consists of vegan and vegetarian food lists for people who are not accustomed to having meat. Get just the right amount of protein intake with Lexie’s list of high-protein plant-based foods that are both safe for your gut and add ample nutritional elements to your body.

30 Day Gut Reset Author

The creator of this effective program is Lexie Ward. Previously, she was just as ordinary as you and knew very little about the wellbeing of her gut and that most of her health issues stemmed from there. Her digestion was awful, which led her to suffer from splitting migraines, canker sores, UTIs, and yeast infections. She has absolutely no clue that all this was happening because of her improper food intake.

Things went on like this until she consulted an elite nutrition Ph.D. scientist and doctor, Dr. Robert Pastore. That is when Lexie got access to all the important details about real nutritional science and habitual applications for optimal digestive health. After taking proper care of her gut and recovering from all her health issues, Lexie decided to create the 30 Day Gut Reset program. In this, she has incorporated all the effective knowledge that she has gained from skilled health professionals.

After addressing her diet and the foods she was consuming, Lexie got to terms with her negative food reaction and omitted their consumption through the elimination diet. The process continued for 5 years and now Lexie has the body of her dreams, with zero gas problems in her body. With no traces of canker sores, UTIs, and migraines for a whole year, Lexie has successfully attained a fit body with a flat stomach.

Lexie decided to spill the secrets of her success via the LadyTheFUp platform, where a one-to-one fitness coaching is provided by her to thousands of clients who are unaware of the wellbeing of their guts and are suffering from similar issues. In the 30 Day Gut Reset program, Lexie also has combined bits from her personal coaching besides the professional guidelines by the health nutritionists. It is therefore meant to help tons of people across the globe.


How does 30 Day Gut Reset work?

By Analyzing 30 Day Gut Reset review, it is segregated into 3 parts for you to obtain a fit body, leaving behind all the discomfort caused to you because of your unhealthy gut.

The first phase is known as the preparation stage. Here, Lexie talks you through everything you need to know about this extensive program. You get to know about the foods you should and should not eat. You are also recommended to use some very effective supplements and also informed about the gimmicky ones that you are to avoid. Lastly, Lexie describes your digestive system in full detail and tells you what is normal and what is not normal for it. Due to this, you get to spot your problems and act on them quickly and more efficiently.

After the first stage, comes the stage where you are fully prepared to begin your first day of the diet. In this phase, Lexie runs you through the elimination diet. It focuses on the removal of food reactions, whether its food intolerance, food sensitivity, food allergy, or any sort of chemical digestive irritancy. This is a two-week-long process, which helps to identify all the foods that are not okay for your gut. It allows your immune system to calm down and helps your body adapt extremely well to your new and healthy food habits.

Last but not the least, comes the third phase. Here, Lexie tries to reintroduce foods to assess your symptoms. You are sent educational videos throughout this 30 Day Gut Reset program where Lexie guides you through this healthy lifestyle choice. She also lets you know why some people react to certain foods and how being physically active puts you more at risk for food reactions.

After this 30 Day Gut Reset program, you are sure to get rid of:

  • Poor digestion
  • Bloating/Gas
  • Hormonal dysfunction
  • Acne
  • Poor mood and low energy

See your body retain the perfect amount of water, lose weight, and have complete knowledge of which foods you are to eat and which you are to strictly avoid.

What is included in this 30 Day Gut Reset program?

As per 30 Day Gut Reset review, It includes the 3 Phase System equipped with video lessons, eBooks in PDF form, and emails. You receive educational videos on a daily basis that contain all the information about how you can successfully restore your gut health. You also get personalized emails from the owner and designer of this profound program, Lexie. She gives you the opportunity to have direct contact with her, and ask her any questions that you have regarding this program, or anything general related to your health.

You also get a healthy, complimentary meal plan with the purchase of the 30 Day Gut reset Program. If you are a pure vegetarian or a vegan, then no worries since Lexie provides you with a list of high-protein plant-based foods that can lead to the wellbeing of your gut and overall diet.

Pros and Cons of 30 Day Gut Reset 2020


  • It can be purchased from any corner of the world
  • It is easy to follow since it is a virtual product and can be used by everyone worldwide
  • It is targeted to everyone, be it vegetarians, vegans or non-vegetarians
  • It is backed up with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • It has been designed by someone who has suffered from gut problems in the past
  • It contains information from professional health experts


  • The availability of a smart device is a must to gain access to it
  • An international credit card is required to purchase.

Is the 30 Day Gut Reset right for you?

Instilling healthy lifestyle habits and taking proper care of your gut can never be a wrong choice. It is definitely the right option for anyone suffering from health issues that stem from their unhealthy guts. It can be used by anyone regardless of their age and gender and has tons of positive reviews on its official page. Lexie herself has been a victim of the discomfort that arises from having an unhealthy gut. Therefore, it has been created by a highly experienced person that also contains inputs from professional, Ph.D. acquired nutrition experts. Try it out to see the results for yourself. Id you are looking for supplement Peak bioboost is worthy to try.


Overall, As per 30 Day Gut Reset review, it is one of the effective packages to get rid of all your bodily discomforts and health issues that root from your unhealthy gut. Not only does this help you know what foods are best to keep you and your gut healthy and happy, but also puts your body at a stage where it prioritizes weight loss besides taking care of your gut.

The price is just $67, and you get a lot more than you pay for. Besides, Lexie has got you fully covered with the 30-day money-back guarantee, so there is no scope for you in losing your valuable bucks with the purchase. Thus, the 30 Day Gut Reset program is certainly worth a try.

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