A Balanced Meal Schedule May Improve Cognitive Health- Study

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 20, 2022

Many studies have been conducted concerning epidemiology that has been in the position to display a positive correlation between the total amount of energy taken during the day and the different types of chronic diseases that can be produced over the period as a side effect. Evidence has been generated that this positive energy intake inside the body can also be responsible for developing cognitive function. 

This function is associated with the disruption experienced over time concerning the time and the quantity of the meals around the day. It is believed that even if a single meal is not taken on time, the body can produce different side effects. These side effects usually bring the maximum effect on the human body because the whole body clock gets affected due to this mechanism. Once the human body consumes all the meals on time, it becomes necessary to develop cognitive health, which may be helpful with time to give you the immunity that the body requires to fight different diseases. 

Why Does It Happen? 

The body of the human being is a very advanced kind of machine that has its clock to function. It requires different quantities of Balanced meals at the adjusted timings for proper functioning. Usually, the enzymes produced inside the various organs also depend upon the timing of the food intake by the human. 

A Balanced Meal Schedule May Improve Cognitive Health

For instance, the stomach produces hydrochloric acid and different types of gastric juices much before humans consume the food. In such a situation, if human beings do not consume the food, then an excessive amount of enzymes accumulate inside the body, due to which side effects follow to a great extent. The amount of food a body should intake at a given time is usually expressed with the help of the total amount of energy intake. A China nutrition health survey has undertaken this research. The results have been published in the famous people’s title, life metabolism.

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Relevance of the research

This research has got a lot of relevance because if the individual understands the exact timing at which the food must be consumed according to the daily schedule, it is automatically protected from encountering different types of chronic diseases in the future. This result was confirmed with the help of the experiment, which was conducted on a group of 3500 participants. 

Around 55% of these participants were found to belong to middle age, and the rest belonged to old age. No children were included in this because they do not have a balanced meal timing, and the body is not adjusted towards the same process and mechanism. The dietary habits and the timing of the food and take of all of these individuals were recorded over time. 

All the instances of deviation from the standards schedule were also recorded. It was Finally, with the help of proper analysis that it was discovered that once the right amount of Nutrition at the right time was consumed by human beings, the incidence of diseases reduced by around 15% as compared to the mechanism of those humans who did not take the energy upon the scheduled timing of the body. 


It has to be concluded that this perspective will help keep the body healthy. It is going to be helpful for the better functioning of the body. Positive kinds of effects can be generated if necessary factors are taken into consideration. It is a valuable concept of the body that must be taken into account at every time.


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