A Friend Says: Shooting Victim In Portland Was Not a Radical Or An Agitator

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 2, 2020

There is a new video on the deadly Portland shooting, and it had captured everything just before a few minutes of the fatal shooting occurred in Portland.

What the victim friend has to say about Portland’s deadly shooting?

A Friend Says: Shooting Victim In Portland Was Not a Radical Or An Agitator

Victim Aaron J.Aaron J. Danielson’s friends in Portland say,

“He was not a radical or an agitator. He was a ‘freedom-loving American.’ He wanted freedom in the current, politically charged atmosphere in his city. “

Earlier in the incident, Danielson was shot in the chest. It was on Saturday, and it was during a clash. The clash was between left-wing protesters and pro-Trump groups, as reported by police.

Later, the Multnomah County Medical Examiner’s Office positively identified him, and the Portland Police Bureau announced the statement on Monday. The deadly shooting occurred after the “Trump 2020 Cruise Rally in Portland.” In the incident, President Donald Trump’s supporters gathered in cars. The supporters drove a caravan into Portland.

The CNN affiliate KOIN’s video footage was showing clear pictures of pickup trucks with American flags. They were Trump 2020 flags and “Thin Blue Line” flags.

“The Patriot Prayer, the far-right group, has a clash with left-wing demonstrators previously and that mourned Danielson’s death.”

Joey Gibson, the group organizer, posted on his Facebook page saying,

“He had such a huge heart,” God bless [him and] the life he lived.”

There was a truck bed shared by Gibson with Danielson, and shooting was a rally on Saturday as reported by CNN affiliate KATU said.

A Democrat, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, blamed and commented on the violence that occurred on Saturday. About the violence was on Patriot Prayer and the caravan, and he said,

The group, as well as other self-proclaimed militia members, suddenly drove into Portland downtown. He also added that “armed and looking for a fight.”

On Monday, during the news conference, the victim’s friends mourned for his brutal death. They even attempted to show up speculation on social media regarding,

“A man who was taken so callously.”

Danielson’s business partner and friend for over two decades, Luke Carrillo, we’re unable to hold back his tears, and he read a prepared statement. Through it, he was able to recall the years in which he worked with Danielson side-by-side, and they shared a business and a home.

Luke Carrillo also added, “We were like brothers. Brothers who chose one another, absolutely inseparable. My life and my family’s life are forever changed in the blink of an eye.”

He even quoted that,

“Jay touched many lives over the years through his business and personal endeavors. Jay was quick-witted and funny as could be. Quick to crack a joke or offer a hug. Jay loved this community and the people within it. Jay loved being a Portlander and [loved] showing out-of-towners his chosen hometown.”

Another friend of the victim, who identified himself as Michael, was emotional and remained quiet throughout the statement about his friend, and he referred him merely as “J.”

He also recalled that,

“When I moved to this city in 2014, I had little more than a pickup truck and a plan, and neither of those was much to mention. But, Aaron looked at me and saw a person in need, and he filled that need by opening his home to me before I had [a way] to pay the rent and before I had a way to help him with the bills.”

He even added that “The only question he dared ask me as he entered the house was ‘how do you like your steak cooked? Cause we’ve got a couple going on the grill tonight. Welcome.’… He was a good, good man that would have helped anyone with any need at any time.”

Later, Carrillo also quoted about the victim that, “Danielson was not associated with extremism.”

Danielson’s friends, throughout their statement, did not comment about the investigation. They just spoke and recalled their friendship and about the victim’s and their relationship. The majority of them were in tears and entirely emotional. But, they felt the police would do what is needed, and they quoted that,

“Everything in their power to bring the person who did this to justice.”

Now, an investigation is being led towards the shooting, and the Portland Police Bureau carries it. There is assistance being offered from ATF and FBI to the inquiry on Danielson’s death. But, authorities are yet to find the suspect in Aaron J. Danielson’s death.

As per Aaron J. Danielson’s friends, he was neither a radical nor an agitator.  All he wanted was freedom from the city’s politically charged atmosphere. He was one of those freedom-loving Americans. More than that, he had such a good heart, and they all praised him for his nature.

On Saturday, Aaron J. Danielson was fatally shot at his chest. Police reported that the shooting occurred during a clash between left-wing protesters and pro-Trump groups.

The group organizer and Aaron J. Danielson’s friend Joey Gibson quoted that, “He had such a huge heart,” God bless [him and] the life he lived.”

Gibson and Danielson shared a truck bed, and Gibson mourned for his friend’s death in a rally on Saturday. The CNN affiliate, KATU, reported details of the incident. But, many blamed and commented on the violence between the two groups, and Oregon Gov. Kate Brown was one of them.

He quoted that, “armed and looking for a fight.”

All of Aaron J. Danielson’s friends and his partner Gibson were emotional, and they mourned for his brutal death. They posted “a man who was taken so callously.” and they did their attempt o show up the speculation online.

Many more people online also commented on the brutal incident. The shooting killed a freedom-lover, Aaron J. Danielson, and as per his friends, he was not a radical. Police, with the support of ATF and FBI, have continued the investigation on Aaron J. Danielson’s death. The suspect who shot Aaron J. Danielson is yet to found.


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