A Tumor’s Temporary Structure Avoids Immunotherapy Treatments

Teresa Breaux | Last Updated : September 21, 2022

The human immune system consists of white blood cells together with the organs and lymph system tissues. One of the primary functions of the immune system is to make your body more robust to keep it healthy and protect it from the attack of pathogens or foreign cells.

People diagnosed with cancer will have a weaker immune system and are more vulnerable to such diseases. Cancer is considered one of the powerful diseases caused by the attack of foreign cells that weakens your health. These foreign cells develop within your body and spread throughout your body as they can divide uncontrollably. It is the second foremost reason for death all over the globe. 

With the development of science and technology, a wide range of studies is carried out throughout the globe to find a permanent cure to this deadly disease. As a result, the death rate due to cancer has reduced compared to the past years. And this is because of the advancement brought in the treatments and preventive measures.  

What Is Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is a kind of treatment used to treat cancer. In this treatment, a person’s own immune system is utilized to fight cancer by boosting or changing its functioning in order to attack the cancer cells.

A Tumor's Temporary Structure Avoids Immunotherapy Treatments

People diagnosed with cancer and planning to opt for Immunotherapy must know what this treatment is and how it works before undergoing it. 

How Does Immunotherapy Work In Treating Cancer?     

Immunotherapy works by boosting the immune health of the affected person in certain body parts in order to fight out the cancer cells. It is either done by stimulating your body’s natural defense to make it stronger and work smarter. Or elements just like that of your immune system are made outside your body in some labs and are used to restore your immune health. Thus the newly added powerful elements work against the foreign cells and protect your body.  

With the growing number of cancer patients, immunotherapy evolved as a significant treatment measure in curing multiple varieties of cancers. Furthermore, a wide range of improvements were made so far and are still in production to swipe cancer away from this planet.    

Even though the treatment method has been a success in some cases, it doesn’t help much for others. And in such cases, some other treatment measures are combined with immunotherapy for better results. 

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As mentioned earlier, your immune system is a combination of organs, cells, and other elements that protect your health from pathogens invasion and foreign cells. These immune cells are spread throughout your body and keep you safe from germs and other intruders that cause diseases like cancer. Since they are present all over your body, it keeps track of the elements present within your body and those that invade. When contacted with some invaders, the immune cells give you warnings to prepare your immune system to fight the invader and keep your body healthy. 

Even though the immune cells work hard in safeguarding your body, sometimes they fail to track the cancer cells. It is because, in the initial stages, it begins as a normal cell and undergoes changes as it grows uncontrollably. The immune cells have limited power in fighting cancer cells. And in healthy people, cancer can possibly be cured within the initial stages. Even now, there are chances of getting cancer attacks even if a person is healthy. 

Cancer cells are more likely the same as normal cells and are unrecognized by the immune cells. And sometimes, even if it recognizes them, the immune cell won’t be powerful enough to fight the cancer cells and, as a result, gets defeated. Cancer cells form temporary structures on their own to hide from the immune cells until they get stronger.      

According to the latest study by Amit Gutwillig, a Ph.D. student from Tel Aviv University, Israel, immunotherapy supports your immune system in fighting cancer. But, at the same time, people who underwent this treatment procedure received temporary results as the disease returned afterward. This immunity-boosting treatment shrinks the tumors temporarily, and this could return later. Also, relapsed tumors will not only be more powerful but also will be more resistant to treatments like these.

Currently, more studies are going on to find ways to help the immune system determine cancer cells from normal ones. Also, researchers are trying hard to boost the immune cells to fight cancer cells at any stage and throw them out permanently without recurring. 


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