Aaron and Adam Nee, The Directors Of Lost City, Reveal The Source Of Inspiration For Their Next Masters Of The Universe Film

Aaron and Adam Nee, The Directors Of Lost City

The popular romantic adventure comedy starring Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum has uncovered the keys to “The Lost City”, Both brothers have a plan to successfully do their next project. 

The Nees face an extraordinary hypothetical series by scripting and directing the long-awaited live-action film “Masters of the Universe” after helming “The Lost City” together.

‘Lost City’ Directors Aaron And Adam Nee Reveal Their Source Of Inspiration For Their Next Masters Of The Universe Movie!!

“Masters of the Universe,” which will be released in 2023, has a long history; introduced as a Mattel action figure toy line in 1981. 

After that time, “Masters of the Universe” — iconic starters such as He-Man and Skeletor — has grown into a worldwide multimedia franchise. It includes comic books, video games, an animated film, and several animated TV series, including the most recent installment from filmmaker Kevin Smith.

Aaron and Adam Nee, The Directors Of Lost City

In 1987, a live-action feature film signed Dolph Lundgren for the role of He-Man and appointed Frank Langella for the position of Skeletor, which was released as part of the “Masters of the Universe” franchise.

Since then, Mattel has been attempting to resurrect “Masters of the Universe” as a live-action film, and the Nee Brothers hail from the independent cinema scene. They are proceeding on their most ambitious project with the new Netflix feature, as they told Looper in an exclusive interview.

When discussing their work on “The Lost City” with Looper, the Nee brothers disclosed that they, like many others, grew up playing with “Masters of the Universe” action figures. In some ways, they claimed, those toys are to blame for their current jobs.

Aaron’s words about the movie:-

Aaron Nee remarked, “They are excited to be going into “Masters of the Universe.” “Playing with those toys was a fundamental part of us learning how to make stories and imagine other worlds, and they are hoping to bring that kind of childhood feeling of joy and empowerment to the screen.”

The cast of the movie:

Kyle Allen of “West Side Story” and “American Horror Story” has been cast as He-Man in “Masters of the Universe,” but the cast for the other significant roles in the film has yet to be revealed.

 Are the brothers tempted to invite Channing and Brad Pitt into the “Universe” now that they’ve worked with them on “The Lost City”?

“Please come over! Give us a cameo, please! “ With a laugh, Adam Nee said.

The story of the movie:

He, the most powerful man in the universe, battles Skeletor’s evil armies to defend the planet Eternia and safeguard the mysteries of Castle Grayskull.

Wimpy Prince Adam lives the life of royalty in a faraway and exotic kingdom. Prince Adam is a hero, the great He-Man, who is unknown to everybody but a group of close friends who are allies also. 

He-Man fights with the evil Skeletor and his minions’ army with the help of his friends. His friends are Teela, her father. The mysterious Orko; and his mighty friend, Battle Cat, fight to rule the world and, more importantly, for control, power, and “ respect of Greyskull,” which is the mysterious castle from which He-Man gets his powers.

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