Access And Use Of Antimicrobials Are Problematic In Africa: Is It Serious?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 21, 2022

The African Union has been indulged in a recent study according to which there has been an increase in antimicrobial resistance infection in Africa.

This study has highlighted the two most important reasons why this infection resistance has increased beyond measure.

The first is limited access to resources, and the second is the erratic and unorganized consumption of antimicrobials. 

In Africa, There Are Issues With Both Access And Use Of Antibiotics

The negative effects of overuse and misuse can be easily discovered across humans and different types of crops, including animals.

The resistance against the infection has been caused by the bacteria transferred from the antimicrobials to the human body.

Access And Use Of Antimicrobials Are Problematic In Africa Is It Serious

The World Health Organisation has identified some pathogens that easily get transferred from one body to another and play a vital role in building resistance inside the human body. 

These specific pathogens that help to build resistance of anti microbial infection inside the human body can be found in a cross 34 uncategorized antibiotics.

These antibiotics have already been discovered in 14 countries in Africa, and in these 14 countries, the risk of infections of this kind was very high compared to other counterparts.

Another important reason this resistance has been built over time is the lack of medical care facilities. According to recent data, only 1.3% of 50000 Laboratories perform this testing. 

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Statistics that will amaze you

These statistics have been responsible for astonishing the World Health Organisation. The resistance has been built against those very mild pathogens and bacteria that do not cause any serious ailment to the human body.

But due to the lack of Medical facilities and proper medication at the correct time, it has become practically impossible to find the appropriate method to prevent yourself from building this resistance inside the body. 

This study has identified four important antibiotics that usually contain pathogens, which play an important role in building resistance. The first one of them is amoxicillin, and the second one of them being doxycycline. There is also this sulfamethoxazole, trimethoprim, and none other than ciprofloxacin. It is estimated that around 75% of the entire bacterial range is found in these antibiotics. 

Challenges that are underway

The country of Africa has to face the worst kind of challenge because the medicines that help treat resistant infections are not available in the country.

Due to the unavailability, the medical team usually combines in the combination of antibiotics, which adds to the existing problem and helps to develop an additional amount of resistance inside the human body. 

This is a serious health problem, and the World Health Organisation has already recognized the same issue. To further develop evidence concerning this problem, a sample of 1 lakh 80000 people have been taken; out of this, 88% denote the instances of resistance.

The resistance shows that the consumption of heavy drugs must be induced so that it becomes possible for the individual to get the best kind of treatment over some time.

But these heavy debugs might not always become, and in the long run, due to the side effects, they provide to the human body. 


In such a situation, it can be concluded that this is one of the most effective and useful perspectives that need to be considered as soon as possible.

It is in the greater interest of humanity that this problem is solved as soon as possible because it will lead to very bad results over time.

This is genuinely the concern of most people for the time being. This has to be monitored effectively in the greater interest of the people.


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