According To The Research, Covid-19 May Lead To Alzheimer’s Disease Later

New research has suggested Alzheimer’s disease in the Covid-19 survivors. Many researchers are trying to find out the reason the patients of Covid-19 suffer “brain fog” which can last up to months. 

A study is based on an older adult from Argentina who suffered from dementia and memory-related problems till six months after recovering from coronavirus. Alzheimer-related proteins have been found in many New Yorkers because of the Covid-19 infection which leads to the early symptoms related to the brain, according to other researchers.

In the Alzheimer’s Association meeting on Thursday, initial findings were reported related to the brain-related problems in the Covid-19 survivors and experts said more research is needed to be done. 

According To The Research, Covid-19 May Lead To Alzheimer’s Disease Later

Dr. Richard Hodes, Director of the National Institute of Aging has warned that the possibility of Alzheimer’s resulting in liver disease is really troubling and could be real and soon they would know about it. However, the agency is not involved in the research but they are doing their own huge study on the same. 

According To The Research, Covid-19 May Lead To Alzheimer’s Disease Later

Heather Snyder from Alzheimer’s Association has commented that it’s not necessary that people will suffer from Alzheimer’s if they are infected with Covid-19. She further added that vaccination is important for protecting the brain from Covid-19. 

A study has been done which maintains the record of people infected with Covid-19 and whether they have the symptoms of any brain problems in Jujuy province of Argentina. The total number of people taken under consideration was 300. The study was taken for the older people of age 60 and above without any history of brain disorders and asked them for cognitive testing. This research is being led by Dr. Gabriel de Erausquin of the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. In the study, he found that 20% of the older adults have short-term memory between three and six months after the coronavirus infection, and 34% of people have more impact including problems with long-term memory, and called it a “dementia-like syndrome”. 

Erausquin also noted that loss of smell is an early symptom of diseases like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s as an olfactory region of the brain is linked to the region responsible for memory, However, the smell is temporary with the Covid-19 infection. The study will go on for about three years and will focus on more younger survivors of Covid-19. 

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Although the researchers of New York University-Langone Health have taken blood samples of 300 older adult patients who are hospitalized due to Covid-19. Out of the total patients, half of them experienced confusion as a neurologic symptom. In the study, researchers found that there is an increase of blood level proteins linked to Alzheimer’s disease, brain cell injury, or inflammation of the nervous system. 

Dr. Eliezer Masliah from the National Institute of Aging is not involved in the research, however, he observed that one of the proteins that go haywire in Alzheimer’s disease actually has a normal function in the brain, which is to guard against infection. He further added that more study is needed to tell whether the Alzheimer-like condition is a temporary one or leads to abnormality in the brain. 

Previous research has hinted that certain viruses may have a role in later Alzheimer’s, and Snyder says the epidemic provided an “unwelcome opportunity” to try to figure out why.

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