According To Israeli Studies – Fourth Vaccine Dose May Not Be Effective 

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 19, 2022

Recent studies have revealed that the antibodies produced after the fourth booster shot may not hold against the Omicron. The reports have come up from one of the Israeli Hospitals. The trends set by certain developed nations that of administering booster shots have been looked upon. 

According To Israeli Studies – Fourth Vaccine Dose May Not Be Effective 

If one sees the global reports, massive parts of the population of the developing nations are still without a vaccine. A clinical trial was held recently at one of the renowned hospitals in Tel Aviv.

Almost 274 healthcare workers received their booster shots or their fourth dose. Out of which, 154 received the Pfizer-BioNTech, and the remaining received Moderna. The incumbents were previously inoculated with Pfizer-BioNTech. In laboratory tests, it was revealed further that the antibodies increased significantly, but they were not as powerful to stop the Omicron variant. 

It is seen that the rise of antibodies is not exactly correlated with huge protection from the Omicron variant. The vaccines were more resistant against the previous variants but not as much against the Omicron. 

The government has said that more than 500,000 people have already received the fourth dose. The vaccination drive was started with those aged 60 years and above started a few weeks ago. But still a record number of infections can be seen in patients. The healthcare system is under tremendous pressure in Israel as well. 

The findings of this clinical trial have not been published in any journal yet. For the uninitiated, Israel was the first country to roll out vaccines. Even after the aggressiveness of the vaccination drives, the authorities have not been able to control the Omicron. 

Doctors from Israel’s Health Ministry are still of the opinion that the antibodies do increase significantly after the second dose. The same holds a lot of importance among the older population. 

Apart from such news from Israel, many other important personalities have already contracted Omicron. In the week that ended on Jan 9, 32,000 Covid-19 cases were reported from nursing homes worldwide. Some of the people who were fully vaccinated have also contracted the virus, albeit in milder forms. 

In the meanwhile, Las Vegas schools are offering a retention bonus of $2,000 to all the full-time employees who work during the pandemic, as staffing is already at an all-time low. As of Monday, the US has already reported more than 66 million cases. And, around 8,50,000 deaths. The data has been released by Johns Hopkins University data. 

Israel created many firsts, from coming up with the first vaccines, to coming up with the boosters well ahead of the others. However, Omicron is setting new standards in the country. The Omicron variant has also forced a large number of schools to quarantine their staff. Schools and businesses that were just opening up, are facing closure once again. 

Omicron is already a very fast-spreading and dominant strain in various countries across the world. It has also infected all those who had been infected prior. However, it has been seen that it is causing less severe infection in all those who have got the Delta before. Vaccination and boosters are the strongest drivers when it comes to protection from serious illness and hospitalization. On Monday, the Israeli government said that it was also shortening the quarantine period. 

As there was a huge impact on the prevailing systems. The boosters can safeguard public interest to a huge extent while allowing businesses to operate without any hindrance. The Prime Minister believes that everybody can get through it quickly. So, it remains to be seen, how the situation moves forth. 

Nikki Attkisson

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