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According To Trump, Winning Is Always Easy

There has been a huge amount of unrest caused by the elections that take place in the United States of America. This is because after holding at least 14 rallies in three days, the President named Mr Donald Trump is in the position to claim that he will be in a win-win situation soon. After all, these manifestos that he has been engaging himself into will be having a very positive impact on the otherwise difficult situations.

According To Trump, Winning Is Always Easy

The Republicans are leaving no stone unturned to provide for every different sort of failure, which they might have reported for the time being. They are undertaking rallies; they are also undertaking interviews; they are also making every possible effort to engage in public meetings and public conferences in the best possible manner. This is the attempt that is being waged by them to become more and more productive and hence, at the same time assure that they are in the position to undertake an increasing amount of interactions with the people in the best possible manner.

This is likely to have a very positive impact on the public relation of the party. These measures also play an important role in boosting the public image and confidence at the same time. Donald Trump is also engaging in various video conferences to connect to the far off places. This is also a step that has been undertaken to prevent the possible spread of the novel coronavirus in the best possible manner. Trump is also connecting with the general masses over the radio almost every day. The sole purpose behind this is to take the population within its confidence so that it can have a secured kind of vote bank, which is helpful to him in the long run. In a week or so, he has been able to register for 27 media appearances so far. 

The Vice-President meanwhile had at least 21 local interviews, which were lined up all together. Also, there has been an increase in the incidence of other outlets, including the states like Michigan, Ohio, Nevada, and Florida, which have been able to host these major and great personalities to let them carry on their election campaign the best possible manner. These have been those states that have always emerged as game-changers in the history of the United States of America’s selections.

However, Lara Trump, who is the daughter in law of the present President Donald Trump, in one of the recent interviews with Fox News has been able to reveal that the entire campaign has been a major political and family affair and the whole of the Trump’s family has been linked with the insider gossips in one or the other way so far. This highlights the fact that the republican party is considered to be a family by Donald Trump, and hence, they all have been working every sincerely to achieve the ultimate results of ensuring a major win in the election in the best possible manner, 

The President is leaving no stone unturned to win these elections in the best possible manner. Despite having reported so many failures in his government or the existing inefficiency in tackling the endemic and the pandemic, there were initially many speculations that showed that might this time the republics lose due to the non-efficient administration of the novel coronavirus.

This also showcases that all these thoughts have been she away since the beginning of October, wherein the President has made every possible attempt to ensure he is able to win these elections that too with a clear majority. Trump is a recent interview spoke about his 13-minute long interview in which he addressed the issues related to the young staffers and volunteers. In an utter disregard to what was expected, the southern states hugely turned up to pay heed to his new ideology for the present election. 

Also, the President of the United States of America has even in the position to provide for a war room next to his white house wherein all the campaign aides would be carried and hence, determined to assure that the war room denizens will also relay information to the Trump in the worst possible manner, Ethic Groups like Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics have also been linked with the republicans, and hence, lately, they have been promoting their causes in the best possible manner.

However, certain factions of these same groups have revealed so far that Trump is illegally using the government property for political ends. This news, if confirmed, is likely to hurt the political propaganda which is being carried by the Republicans so far.

The Spokesperson of the Republican Party has also revealed that due to the constraints caused by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the party is aiming to shift towards an online election manifesto campaign. This was likely to prevent crowds in rallies and hence deter the spread of the virus and prevent large chunks of the population from getting infected. It was also released that the war room, which was next to the White House of Trump was one of the most successful ventures.

This venture’s main aim was to provide for the management of the campaign in the best possible manner. This was also expected to positively impact the overall functioning and the success of the manifesto in the best possible manner. The war room needed to be near the President at all the relevant duration of times. The result day is likely to be life-taking for the maximum number of people so far since huge money has been spent.

With Trump, it is always about winning and that too in any circumstances. All he wants is that he has to get the chair back. He is not ready to accept the fact that he might lose as well. The problem arises here, and the supporters of Trump also get boosted because of this behaviour. Trump has always been adamant and stubborn, and this time the people are not going to take this behaviour lightly. His careless attitude will not be entertained, and this will help Biden in winning.

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