Adults Were More Active After Receiving Primary Care Exercise

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 26, 2022

Most adults neglect physical activities as they grow and focus more on work and other issues. However, even a moderate increase in physical activities can boost the overall health of the individual and avoid various diseases in the long run. A new study has shown that primary care centers can contribute a lot in this direction. The primary care exercise intervention can help adults boost their physical activities by nearly 14 minutes a week.

Adults Were More Active After Receiving Primary Care Exercise

This small improvement can also help many people to reduce weight and stay active in the long run. Even though the improvement is moderate, it helps cut down the risks of various diseases and death by some margin.

Adults Were More Active After Receiving Primary Care Exercise

According to the guidance issued by the WHO, about 150 to 300 minutes of moderate physical activity is needed for every individual every week. If the individual is involved in rigorous physical activities, around 75 to 150 minutes every week would be a good number. However, there are more benefits if the duration is increased healthily.

Primary care centers can contribute a lot to this issue as most patients visit these centers at least once a year. The doctors can suggest the patients engage in moderate physical activities so that their overall health can improve in the future.

When people are given proper guidance, it can boost their motivation and help them to engage in physical activities for a longer duration. However, not much is happening in this direction, and the primary care centers are not delivering their best in this regard.

Doctors say that this can also help in weight loss, and it can go a long way in improving the overall health of the individual. The study has clearly shown the benefits of exercising regularly among adults. When the proper intervention was provided by professionals, it resulted in an increase in the number of hours of physical activity.

This helped several participants to lose weight in a healthy manner. On average, most adults gain close to a kg of weight every year in middle age. Doctors say that moderate physical activity can help people avoid this trend and stay in the healthy weight range.

As per the guidance of WHO, an average healthy person needs to have a moderate physical activity of at least 150 minutes a week. This amounts to about 20 minutes every day, and most people are not even getting this much physical activity. Due to increased comfort levels in terms of transportation, most people are not walking enough in the last few decades.

This has resulted in a lot of health problems, and many individuals face mobility issues in old age. Doctors say that this can be avoided with a regular walking regime that keeps the body healthy and agile in the long run.

Primary care centers can be the best place to boost the health initiative programs as most people visit such centers regularly. Doctors and other experts can guide vulnerable patients to improve their physical activity regularly. When people understand the benefits of regular workouts, they are more likely to indulge in such activities. This can have a decent impact on their overall health and also work towards weight reduction in most cases.

The study has shown that even overweight people were able to reduce up to one kg with a moderate increase in physical activity. Even though this is a small reduction, it goes a long way in improving overall health in the future. All these factors can add up and contribute to reducing the risk for various diseases.

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