Aeerum Wireless Earphones Reviews – An Earphone Based On Bone Conduction!

John Furrier | Last Updated : May 26, 2022

Hello readers, this is the Aeerum Wireless Earphones review you all have been waiting for. The revolutionary bone conduction earphones are now out on the market. 

Are you someone who is tired of ears getting hurt after prolonged exposure to music? Or someone who suffers from hearing impairment? Then these wireless earphones might be the solution to your problems. 

Aeerum Wireless Earphones Reviews – Earphones Compatible With Both Android And Ios!

I am John Furrier, a technophile, and an influencer reviewing newly launched technologies. I have been a techie my whole life and I love exploring new gadgets. For me, it’s been a while now reviewing tech products and these Aeerum bone conduction earphones were something I was also keen on trying.  

For all my readers, who have been asking for an Aeerum Wireless Earphones review, this is my humble approach to dissecting the product. I am gonna give all the exclusive features, offers, pricing, and some information I found from my deep research in this review. Read along to know more.  

Aeerum Wireless Earphones Reviews
Product nameAeerum Wireless Earphones
Product SpecificationEarphones work by the principle of bone conduction.
Colors· Red
· Blue
· Black
Aeerum Wireless Earphones benefits· Easy pairing via Bluetooth
Lets your ears totally free
Weighs 29 grams
Easy to use with 6 hours of playback time
Features· Universal compatibility
Bone conduction technology
Elegant and Lightweight
Long battery life
Device weight29 grams
Charger TypeType C charging cable
Price$83.75 per unit
Warranty Period2 or 3 years depending on the needs.
AvailabilityOfficial website
Official websiteClick Here

What are Aeerum Wireless Earphones? 

Aeerum Wireless Earphones are wireless devices that are connected to a device via Bluetooth and work on the principle of bone conduction for an enhanced listening experience. Unlike other conventional earphones, there is no need for the insertion of buds that blocks the ear canal. Aeerum earphones are worn in front of the ear making use of the bone conduction principle for the high-quality perception of sound.  

The Bluetooth earphone gives more scope to air conduction by freeing the ear canal making you well aware of your surroundings. This device is light and easy to carry. Being compatible with 99% of the devices available, you can simply connect it to a Bluetooth-activated device. The earphones have 6 hours of playback time with a fast-charging Type-C port. The key features with which the Aeerum Wireless Earphones device is created are described below.  

Main Features of Aeerum Wireless Earphones

Universal compatibility – The earphones are supported by 99% of the devices available worldwide with Bluetooth connectivity and are compatible with both iOS and Android. 

Bone conduction technology – By using this technology you are only required to wear the earphones in front of your ears keeping the ear canal unblocked. This allows you to be aware of your surroundings. The sound will be conducted to the inner ear bypassing the eardrum through the skull and cheekbones giving a rich listening experience. 

Elegant and Lightweight design – The earphones are so light, weighing only 29 grams. This makes it ideal for carrying around your neck wherever you go. 

Long battery life – Aeerum earphones are specially designed to perform at full potential for 6 hours. The manufacturers offer a whopping 6 hours of playback time for prolonged usage without straining your pinna and eardrums. 

Aeerum Wireless Earphones

How do Aeerum Wireless Earphones work?

The Aeerum Wireless Earphones work by the principle of bone conduction. Have you ever wondered how you could hear your voice much clearer than the voices in your surroundings?

This happens because of bone conduction. You will also find it amusing that your recorded voice would be different from your perception of your sound. The bones being a good conductor of sound gives you the richness that you feel when you hear yourself speak. 

Incorporating this phenomenon with advanced technology, the manufacturers created the Aeerum Wireless Earphones device for a revolutionary listening experience. Unlike depending on aerial transmission, these earphones rely on vibrations transmitted through the skull and facial bones for a much clearer listening experience. The device does not depend on the eardrum but carries the sound directly to the inner ear. 

Aeerum Wireless Earphones Benefits 

Listed below are the various Aeerum Wireless Earphones benefits gathered from customer reviews,

👉Bone conduction technology lets your ears totally free even when you are listening to music.

👉There will be no obstruction to the ear canal and hence you can use Aeerum along with hearing aids even for people with hearing impairments. 

👉Easy pairing via Bluetooth and supports 99% of the devices available.

👉Accessories that are often bought together are also provided by the makers like waterproof transport bags, earplugs, headlight motion sensors, and USB plugs.

👉Weighs 29 grams and is easy to use with 6 hours of playback time.  

Aeerum Wireless Earphones benefits

Aeerum Wireless Earphones Pros and Cons 


  • You will be aware of what’s going on around you even when you are listening to loud music. 
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around. 
  • Can be used along with hearing aids.
  • Rests firmly and won’t fall off during intense activities. 
  • Protects your eardrum by keeping the ear canal free


  • It is available only on the official website and not in any online or retail stores. 
  • There are high chances for the earphones getting run out of stock due to high demand. 
Aeerum Wireless Earphones features

Are Aeerum Wireless Earphones legit or not? 

From my findings and the experience that I have, the Aeerum Wireless Earphones device is a trustworthy pick with a high-quality bone conduction listening experience and a battery backup that no one ever offered. The earphones do a decent job of grabbing voice during calls. They firmly rest on your ears and back of your head avoiding the risk of falling off during workouts. 

Many Aeerum Wireless Earphones reviews reported that compared to conventional earphones the pain is also immensely reduced during prolonged usage. They are the most ideal earphones for people who have difficulty hearing as it makes use of bone conduction rather than the conventional hearing method. This makes the use of a hearing aid possible with the ear canal being free.    

Aeerum Wireless Earphones customer reviews and complaints

All the Aeerum Wireless Earphones customer reviews and testimonials analyzed only showed positive feedback about the earphones. The Aeerum Wireless Earphones reviews reported being able to experience high-quality listening while being aware of their surroundings.

Many were skeptical about the product during the beginning days of usage and then realized it to be much more helpful than the conventional earphones. They could listen to their favorites while keeping the ear canal free for a long time without pain. 

According to genuine Aeerum Wireless Earphones reviews, the design is simple, elegant, and won’t fall off during physical activities. It also goes with hearing aids making it a great choice for people having difficulties hearing. 

Some users who are so used to conventional earphones are finding it difficult to adjust to the bone conduction way of listening and are not completely satisfied with the earphones. I recommend using them for some time to make you realize that it is always the better way of listening.  

Aeerum Wireless Earphones Customer Reviews

Aeerum Wireless Earphones Pricing and Availability 

Aeerum Wireless Earphones are available on the official website in 3 differently priced packages in three different colors: red, blue, and black. 

  • One Aeerum Wireless Earphone price – $83.75 per unit
  • Two Aeerum Wireless Earphones price – $68.05 per unit (most popular buy)
  • Three Aeerum Wireless Earphones price – $59.34 per unit

You are provided with a feature for improving your order with a one or two years warranty extension for $6.25 and $10.42 respectively. The earphones are sold for half the price for fast orders from the official website. In addition, the manufacturer also provides free shipping on all orders. 

The earphones can be availed only through the official product website and are not available in any retail stores or 3rd party websites like Amazon. With the most advanced technology, Aeerum Wireless Earphones are misused by many unauthorized sellers who are selling replicas under the same name.

Only the official website can provide you with the best offers and maximum security. So, it would be wise to order the earphones from the official website whose link is given below. 

Final Verdict On Aeerum Wireless Earphones Reviews

Aeerum Wireless Earphones gadgets use leading-edge technology to enhance the listening experience of people with hearing problems by bone conduction. It is truly an efficient device that helps you be aware of your surroundings even when you are enjoying your favorite song. This can help avoid many accidents that are more likely to happen when you are on your conventional earphones. 

The Bluetooth earphone is handy and cleverly built which prevents them from falling off during walking, running, and other intense physical activities as per the Aeerum Wireless Earphones reviews. All these features make the earphones a worthy buy that satisfies almost all your needs. You can order the product from the official website with the best offers. Warranty extensions can be done from the official website according to your choice. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do Aeerum Wireless earphone gadgets work? 

The Aeerum Wireless Earphones work by the principle of bone conduction. The sound waves reach the inner ear through the skull and facial bones.   

2. How will I know if it’s compatible with my iPhone?

The earphones are compatible with 99 percent of the devices, it is given on the official website that it supports both Android and iOS. 

3. How can I avail warranty on the earphones?

Aeerum Earphones have a warranty period of choice for the amount you pay during the checkout. The company provides you with two offers where you can avail a one-year warranty for $6.25 and a two-year period for $10.42.  

4. Some other online stores are also selling these earphones. Are they authentic?

There are three color variants red, blue, and black which you can order according to your preference. 


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