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Airports Work On Reducing COVID-19 Transmissions Despite Risks

Several measures have been taken by airports of the country to cut down the contraction rates of the coronavirus, even though many challenges remain.

Reports said that airports across the country have been confronting various challenges amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Airports Work On Reducing COVID-19 Transmissions Despite Risks

Currently, the airports have trouble in enhancing and acquiring better ventilation facilities as well as ensuring the safety of travellers by expanding the capacities to accommodate more people. 

Airports Work On Reducing COVID-19

The T.H. Chan School of Public Health assigned a team to assess the risks that the travellers are supposed to face during the time they reach the airport and claim their items of luggage after landing at their destinations. 

On Thursday, the team submitted the report of their assessment which emphasized the curb-to-curb part of the journey.

An amount of research has been moving on, some of which are supported by the funds of the aviation industry.

The research is done as part of the efforts of the airlines to convince the public of the safety of air travel if apt precautions are taken.

However, the federal health officials still recommend the public avoid air traveling. 

The research also doesn’t give any guarantee though their research shows that airports and airlines have taken measures to avoid the risk of contractions during flights as well as during the time which the travellers spend in airports on both departures and arrivals.

The co-director of the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative Leonard Marcus said that they clearly didn’t say that the flight is safe currently during the pandemic.

He added that there are risks in any activity in which the public is associated, though efforts to overcome the pandemic is going on.

Even though there are risks, proper measures taken by airports can significantly reduce the risk of infecting the virus.

As of now, the Aviation Public Health has submitted two reports. In which the initial one came during last fall after the analysis on the risk of disease transmission aboard aircraft.

The initial one received the funds from a consortium of aviation groups that come under Airlines for America. The researchers were free to conduct their studies and reach their conclusions.

The research included 25 airports of different sizes and analyzed the transmission of the virus and its mitigations. 

An analysis affiliate from the Harvard Chan School also said that there are much fewer risks of the contraction of the virus in airports so far.

Citing one of the airports she continued that there has been the establishment of 500 hand sanitizing stations and 5,000 flooring decals as well as two miles of clear bodily obstacles in the airports.

These measures would certainly remind travellers of the significance of social distancing. She also mentioned that the individuals are also provided with testing facilities as well as they can also have access to virtual procedures to avoid close contact with others. 

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