Television Personality Al Roker Marks 20 Years Since His Gastric Bypass, He Slips Into Old Size 54 Jeans

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 21, 2022

It is essential to bring to light one of the most unique yet shocking news. The famous AL rocker has been able to share an image of himself on social media. The famous artist was in the position to reveal an image on social media platforms named Instagram.

Al Roker Is Wearing Old Jean sizes 54 As He Celebrates 20 Years Since His Gastric Bypass

In this image, he was showcased holding a pair of jeans together, and the size of the jeans was practically double what he used to wear.

He was able to pin down an emotional post concerning the life-changing experience he has been a part of. He was able to showcase the drastic change over him in all these years. This particular feeling has been tremendous and overwhelming for him to understand in all these years. 

Television Personality Al Roker Marks 20 Years Since His Gastric Bypass, He Slips Into Old Size 54 Jeans

The truth

So basically, the artist has been a victim of obesity. He was so fast that it was embarrassing for him to visit different places. That is why one fine day, he saw himself in the mirror and promised that this look had to change over the period. T

hat is why he finally undertook to lose the maximum amount of weight. This has been very great on the part of so many people in the first place. He vowed to become half of what he is. That is how a change was able to get denoted over some time.

This is important to mention that this was able to bring a positive and life-changing event in their life. This is something that has been able to amaze all the people around. This is something very insane in the first place.


After having worked out so much, and at the same time, after having been on a strict and regulated diet, he has been able to carve out a difference for himself.

This has been happening in the backdrop of all the motivation that he has received from his friends and family. It is astounding to note that this weight loss struggle was reported somewhere around 10-15 years back.

He worked out with all the love and dedication to such an extent that he was able to get an idea about the basic fact that life is all about maintaining a kind of lifestyle that would be able to motivate him over sometime. 

The considerable amount of weight that he has lost motivated him to maintain this to the maximum possible extent. This was a piece of very positive news for the time being. He was all set to showcase that he would maintain himself at any cost.

And today, even after 10-15 years of the weight loss journey, he is still in the position to remember the kind of struggle and the hard work that he has been able to put in. This is practically insane and now is remembers the same kind of hard work by posting the images on Instagram by holding the jeans, which are practically double the size of what he used to wear for the time being. 

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