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Alabama Official Says Bodies Can’t Be Buried Due To Covid-19 Deaths Rising

As the spread of the more virulent variant of Coronavirus delta overturned a spring of reopening, the rate of death from Covid-19 has risen in 42 US states in the last week, according to new data.

Johns Hopkins University on Friday reported an uptick of at least 10% in Covid-19 deaths in 28 states over the past week, with more than 50% of deaths occurring in 14 states. As reported by state health officer Dr. Scott Harris on Friday, the state of Alabama has seen an increase in overall hospitalizations because the rate of Covid-19 deaths in the state has been soaring.

Alabama Official Says Bodies Can’t Be Buried Due To Covid-19 Deaths Rising

As of this week, two of the state’s four refrigerated trailers have been activated in Mobile and Baldwin counties, Harris said. Typically, these are held when there is a large number of casualties at one time, as is the case in Alabama hospitals at the moment.

Alabama Official Says Bodies Can't Be Buried Due To Covid-19 Deaths Rising

The city has too many deceased people to have room for them, he said. Last week, Harris said that 5,571 Alabama children tested positive for Covid-19. He added that the source for the outbreak is not yet known. State officials currently record 23% positivity rates for Covid-19, among the nation’s highest.

Since last year, pediatric cases have increased in Alabama, Harris said. At least five of the 2 879 people hospitalized on Thursday with Covid-19 were children. It is a challenge for many schools to keep the doors open and many of them are going online, he said.

As millions of children who both cannot and will not be vaccinated return to school, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports high Covid-19 transmission rates across all 50 states. When there are 100 new cases per 100,000 people within a seven-day period, the CDC identifies virus transmission as high. There have been some challenges in vaccinating adolescents age 12-17, but there are some highlights.

CDC reports that 86% of those receiving the first dose did not complete vaccinating against the Delta variant. This is necessary to provide optimal protection against this variant. With school starting up again, the study emphasizes the importance of vaccinating children.

To reduce Covid-19-associated morbidity and mortality, researchers wrote in the study that increasing vaccination coverage and automating Covid-19 prevention strategies are crucial.

Covid-19 affects students and teachers

Many states and districts are experiencing distressing numbers of students getting sick during back-to-school season. A nationwide quarantine is taking place as a preventative measure.

As a result of possible exposure to Covid-19, 28990 Mississippi students were quarantined from August 16 to 20 by state health officials, an increase from the 20,334 students quarantined from August 9 to 13.

Although it is not known how many of those students are quarantined for the first time, or whether they have remained quarantined since last week. The Department of Health reports numbers rather than names of students who have been quarantined. There have been 11,766 positive Covid-19 tests among students and 2,383 positive tests among employees since Mississippi schools first opened in August.

According to Los Angeles Unified Schools’ dashboard, there were 2,761 active Covid-19 cases in California as of Friday. Three thousand students and 500 employees have been assigned to isolate at home, while three thousand and five hundred are currently in quarantine. One of the most aggressive mitigation methods was implemented in the country’s second-largest district’s more than 1,000 schools. However, officials remain vigilant about its spread.

Public health director Barbara Ferrer said during Thursday’s weekly briefing that outbreaks are expected to increase as schools reopen; however, the county is working hard to prevent, investigate and manage outbreaks as they occur.



  1. Cindy Woodall

    August 30, 2021 at 10:36 pm

    Close the damn SCHOOLs

  2. Mary turk

    September 1, 2021 at 8:29 pm

    I thank our kids should be home where they are safe and not going to school to me my son has been exposed once and sent home to quarantine but they wonted my daughter to still go but how I see it if my son exposed well my 6 year old exposed as well so I quarantine her as well

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