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Alaska’s Farthest Hospitals Swamped By COVID-19

During the olden golden days, a century ago, some isolated villages used to guard their area against outsiders, round the clock, during a pandemic like the Spanish flu. It was witnessed to work and only one individual was reported dead whereas 19-20 people got sick and this was in Tanacross. 

It might seem like the battle against coronavirus has come to a slow-down, or rather to an end, but the high contagious delta variant is seen spreading like fire across Alaska.

Alaska’s Farthest Hospitals Swamped By COVID-19 

It is known to be that the closest hospital is situated hours away which makes it even difficult to survive to covid-19 conditions.

Alaska's Farthest Hospitals Swamped By COVID-19 

The coronavirus condition in Alaska has certainly been worsened due to the limited health care system, which is also known to be relying largely on Anchorage hospitals, Anchorage being the biggest city. All the significant industries lie in Anchorage such as Providence Alaska Medical Center, which is now seen to be overwhelmed with patients infected with covid-19.

Now, most of the health care centers have entered the crisis care mode since the main hospital of the biggest city is doing it. 19 other hospital facilities in Alaska such as Fairbanks Memorial and two other hospitals along with Anchorage.

Alfred Jonathan, who is known to be a Tanacross elder, stated that even though they live here, they are seen more concerned about Hospitals like Anchorage and Fairbanks, because if anybody gets to be seen sick around there, there will not be any hospital or health care centers, to take them to.

While nearly 500 medical professionals were contracted by Alaska to help at the least for the next 6 months, but conditions are worsening for those in rural Alaska, as they require a higher need of care. It has been recorded that there are no beds available, which is making the situation way worse than it should be. Hence, the ramifications are dice for those situated in rural Alaska. 

A patient could get lucky and be transferred to the Fairbanks Hospital or the Anchorage as other times, health care staff is seen to be on their cellphones trying to arrange beds, for hours, in some cases, just to be able to provide treatments like dialysis, at the least.

A patient was known to be dead, as he was not given proper dialysis. Mikal Canfield, who is known to be the hospital’s spokesperson mentioned how Dr. Kristen Solana Walkinshaw, who is the hospital’s chief of staff, was aware that the patient needed catheterization and died, waiting. 

Options are seen to be overladed in Seattle and Portland too, although, a rural clinic was seen finding a spot for a patient who was from interior Alaska, in Colorado. The hospital crunch on limited staffing is seen blamed by the health officials, for a drastic rise in the covid-19 cases in Alaska.

As per the data recorded and collected by John Hopkins University, it has been shown that one in every 84 people was seen to be diagnosed with the Coronavirus, dated from September 22nd to September 29th, which has been recorded as the worse rates diagnosed in the recent past. 

It has been proven that this is not the end of the pandemic and even though looks like it’s closing down, the safety measures still have to be taken care of until this is not completely wiped out, and which is not known to be soon.

It is still enforced that every individual must protect themselves and others by wearing a face mask and maintain proper social distancing keeping distance from every individual around, vaccinated or not. It is also requested for every individual to get their vaccination doses as soon as possible and not recommended to be hesitant as this pandemic will not vanish away unless we are all immunity-wise stronger to fight against the virus. 

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