Aliana Mawla, Liam Payne’s New Girlfriend, Is On Display. Liam Payne’s Previous Relationships

Special Correspondent | Last Updated : May 26, 2022

As of Monday, Liam Payne and their new girlfriend Aliana Mawla made their first public appearance together following the breakup of his engagement to Maya Henry.

Liam Payne Shows Off New Girlfriend Aliana Mawla

After arriving at Heathrow Airport, the former One Direction member was seen walking arm in arm with the attractive brunette who looks strikingly similar to his ex-fiancée. Aliana paired her white crop top with a pair of joggers for their outing. A pair of white sneakers and a mint green Chanel handbag were all she needed to complete her look.

Aliana Mawla, Liam Payne's New Girlfriend, Is On Display. Liam Payne's Previous Relationships

They looked exhausted as they made their way around the terminal after a long flight from Los Angeles, during which a shirtless Liam shared a video of himself stretching his enormous abs on social media, raising questions about his decision to share the video with the world.

Aliana Mawla is a well-known American model who makes a living from her modeling career. She’s currently based in Los Angeles for the time being. In spite of this, she currently has more than 300,000 Instagram fans.

Aliana Mawla’s Instagram feed was filled with pictures of her traveling the world, hanging out with her best friends, and promoting brands like Blush Mark and Fashion Nova.

Liam Payne And Maya Henry Ended Their Engagement Last Month

Even though Maya first ran into Liam Payne at a One Direction meet and greet in 2015, they didn’t begin dating until a few years later. A few weeks after his breakup with Cheryl Cole, Liam was said to have started dating Maya. The two had a smattering of dates all over London.

After that, it was speculated that they had a brief breakup before reuniting in the summer of 2019. In August of this year, they publicly announced their relationship for the first time, and in September, Maya posted a picture of her and Liam cuddling on Instagram.

For less than a year after going public, they were reported to have separated in February 2020 after attending events together and posting lovey-dovey images on social media.

According to one source, the couple’s relationship was incompatible “Liam and Maya’s relationship had hit a rough patch, so they decided to call it quits.

Another source tells MailOnline: “Maya and Liam are still together and happy as a couple.

In August 2020, the couple announced their engagement, and Maya was pictured wearing a ring estimated to be worth £3 million, putting an end to the split rumors. But in June 2021, just nine months after the engagement was called off, the couple announced that they were no longer together.

When they appeared on the red carpet together in September 2021, it was confirmed that the pair had reconciled in August 2021.

They reunited less than a year ago and have since split up again. Thank you for all of your good wishes for Aliana Mawla and Liam Payne.

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