Alien Orb Reviews – An Interactive Hovering Drone For Entertainment!

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Hey folks, this is a genuine review about Circuit’s Alien Orb, an interactive hovering drone ball with hours of entertainment for everyone. If you are looking for detailed Alien Orb reviews, you are at the right place.

Yesterday I came across this exciting toy that caught my attention just at first sight. The first thing that went through my mind is to google about the toy and to know more about it, but it was not fruitful.

Alien Orb Reviews – Is It A Hand-Controlled Flying Toy For Kids?

Many of you would have known about this Alien Orb lately, but wouldn’t have found any genuine reviews, just like me. 

Since this is just a toy there are not many reviews on the internet. So I thought of sharing my experience while surveying with this interactive hovering drone and this Alien Orb review is purely based on the experience of customers and not for any promotional purpose. 

Alien Orb Reviews
Product NameAlien Orb
BenefitInteractive hovering ball for entertainment
ThemeHovering Ball for children
Main FeaturesDurable Impact-Proof Design, Precise Flight Control Rotations, LED Light Shows powered, Rechargeable Battery
Are batteries includedYes
Remote control includedNo
Battery cell compositionLithium-ion
Age RangeSuitable for both kids and adults
ColourBlue, Red, Pink
Money-back guarantee30 Days
AvailabilityOfficial Website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Alien Orb?

Alien Orb is an interactive hovering ball that is used for hours of entertainment by people regardless of age barriers. This is a perfect combination of technology and toy collide for kids and even for adults who are bored from hours of work.

The toy is made in the model of a hovering ball that can be used to play and also is made with a durable impact-proof design so that there is no fear of easy damage. This toy is safe for kids of any age and they could see the LED light while tossing the Alien Orb Hover above their palms. Even they could learn tricks to impress their friends with this exciting Circuit’s Alien Orb toy. 

Alien Orb hovering ball

Main Features Of Alien Orb

  • Durable impact-proof design: The Alien Orb ball hovering toy is a fidget toy for kids and adults. Since it’s a hovering ball, people use to try different tricks with it. This crush-proof design protects from getting squished and resists impact when you miss a step training for those tricks. The outer shell and the propeller of the toy are made from polypropylene, a synthetic resin that is tough, flexible, lightweight, and heat resistant. 
  • 360° precise flight control rotations: This precise flight rotation helps in the safe landing of the hovering ball, so there is no need to fear easy damage.
  • Full LED Light Show: It has a full LED light show that helps your children to spend healthier time playing around rather than wasting time in video games. The LED lights never lose their cool factor even in sunlight because it is designed to shine bright day or night so that you can flip, toss, and bounce your Alien Orb hovering ball at any hour.   
  • Rechargeable battery: It has a rechargeable battery made from lithium, that stands apart from other batteries in their high charge density and high cost per unit. 
  •  Infrared sensor: Alien Orb ball has an infrared sensor that sense certain characteristics of its surroundings and also it can detect motion.  
Alien Orb features

Alien Orb Benefits

  • The  Alien Orb hovering toy is a fidget toy made for all ages to help them get entertained which is the best benefit any other toy couldn’t provide. 
  • People can enjoy the hovering ball and its LED light show without any age barrier, you just simply have to toss the ball so that it could boomerang back to you.
  • Circuit’s Alien Orb is the perfect solution to make your children get active. The hovering light ball would make them find endless ways to play and won’t make them stay put. 
  • This hovering ball can be used as a stress relief fidget toy for adults who want better mental health.
Alien Orb Benefits

What’s to like & What’s not to like


  • Suitable for anyone regardless of age barriers
  • Made with durable impact-proof design and precise flight control rotations
  • LED light show designed to shine bright day or night
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Easily portable, so that you can enjoy it anywhere
  • The sealed outer housing makes the ball virtually indestructible 


  • During refund, the shipping and handling charges are excluded
  • The toy can be purchased only from the official website 

Alien Orb Customer reviews and Complaints


I bought this fidget hovering ball for my son who spends most of his time playing video games. He was so addicted to games that it affected even his mental health. 

Now after presenting him the Alien Orb hovering toy everything changed, he now spends most of his time playing with the fidget ball along with his friends and he is happier than ever having fun with his friends after a long time.


I’m an IT professional and used to have lots of work stress. During my breaks, all I could do was scroll my social media which couldn’t help much. I found this Alien Orb fidget toy with one of my colleagues and wanted to try one for myself. I bought one and now I spend my free time playing which reduced my stress and improved my mental health. 


I bought the toy for my daughter. She used to play with this at the beginning but she mostly likes to play with her dolls and lost her interest in the ball nowadays. Now my husband use to play during his free time. 

Alien Orb Pricing

As per the official website, the cost of an Alien Orb hovering ball is $9.99. They also provide combo offers on the official product website so it is better to purchase the original product from the official website rather than getting fooled by any third-party websites or amazon. 

  • Buy one Alien Orb at $9.99 withing a shipping charge of $8.95
  • Buy One get one free at $89.99
  • Color bundle pack at $121.49

Do they offer a Money Back Guarantee?

According to the official website, if any customer is unhappy with the Alien Orb fidget ball, the company provides a 30 days return policy in which you will be given a refund reducing the cost of shipping and handling. This can be done within 30 days of the delivery date. 

Our Final Take on Alien Orb Reviews!

According to my findings, the Alien Orb hovering ball is worth trying, because it is not just a hovering ball for kids to play with but a fidget toy that can be used to reduce stress. As per Alien Orb reviews, it also helps children to have healthier playtime rather than spending time in any video games and such activities.

Due to the high demand for the toy, many other third-party sites are developing replicas so it is better to purchase the Alien Orb toy from the official website.


  • Is the  Alien Orb hovering ball durable and impact resistant?  

Yes, the Alien Orb hovering ball is durable and impact resistant because it’s made from polypropylene, a synthetic resin that is tough, flexible, lightweight, and heat resistant. 

  • Does it fall quickly once tossed to air?

No, it doesn’t fall quickly because it has precise 360° flight control rotations.

  • Is the toy rechargeable?

Yes, it is rechargeable because it is built with high charge density lithium batteries.

  • Does Alien Orb shine the same in sun?

Yes, the LED lights are designed to shine bright day or night. 

  • Is Alien Orb suitable for adults?

Yes, this toy can be used as a stress relief fidget toy to get better mental health and to get a break from work stress. 


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