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Amber Heard’s Reference To Johnny Deep’s Ex Kate Moss May “Blow Up In Her Face”

Johnny Depp’s lawyers shouted in joy when Amber Heard referred to Kate Moss on the stand last week, sources and analysts tell Fox News Digital.

Is Johnny Depp Still Friends With Kate Moss? Amber Heard’s Reference To Jhonny Deep’s Ex Kate Moss May ‘Blow Up In Her Face’, Expert Says

During Johnny Depp’s alleged adultery trial, an actress from “Aquaman” stood in front of the jury and provided this testimony on May 5. She claimed that the only time she had “landed a blow” was when she thought he was going to hurl something.

“There will be no second-guessing. They lacked the virtue of patience. While thinking of Kate Moss and the stairs, they charged at him.” At this, the lawyers for Johnny Depp pumped their fists and smiled broadly, as Ben Chew, Depp’s attorney, lit up with joy. He looked down at the plaintiff’s table while sitting next to Chew with a smile.

In Virginia’s Fairfax County Circuit Court, Johnny Depp argues that a 2018 op-ed by Heard in which she represented herself as the victim of domestic violence cost him $50 million.

His ex-wife, Heard, says in a $100 million countersuit that he and his former lawyer conspired to discredit her by making up allegations of domestic abuse.

It was an “obvious mistake” for the supermodel to name drop, according to Manhattan-based civil attorney Roland Acevedo.

Acevedo speculated, “It may open the way to bringing in Kate Moss.” As a result, the defense has devised a way for them to summon her to explain that the episode in question never took happened, even though the courts perceived it as an out-of-this-world circumstance. They’re trying to disprove the occurrence of the alleged event. Is there a chance that everything goes awry?”

In the end, it is up to Judge Penney Azcarate to make a decision about whether or not Moss will testify.

According to a source close to Johnny Depp, the actor and Moss are still close friends, and his legal team may ask her to testify in his rebuttal case against the actor’s charges.

In Virginia, civil lawyer Broderick Dunn agreed with Acevedo. According to him, Johnny Depp’s lawyers would look into the matter. Heard’s Moss reference may not be the only thing that gets him in hot water. Described in her testimony the first time she believes Johnny Depp hit her.

Depp’s legal team may be able to cross-examine Heard on her 2009 arrest at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport for allegedly punching her ex-girlfriend Tasya van Ree.

According to Johnny Depp’s complaint, she was charged with minor domestic abuse after allegedly yanking van Ree’s jewelry off and striking her in the arm.

According to Dunn, the report on domestic violence might arrive at any time. When Amber Heard indicated she “knew she couldn’t attack a lady,” Dunn said, “that opens the door for Depp’s team to seek to provide proof of any past assaults.” Dunn.

Actress Amber Heard said she was arrested because cops were misogynists and homophobic when her photo was leaked.

He claims the officer who smacked him in handcuffs was “a lesbian activist who freely acknowledged as such after being publically disparaged,” according to his attorneys.

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