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America Among The Nations With Highest Number Of New COVID 19 Infections, The South Looks Ominous

The US is now one of the nations with the highest number of new instances of Coronavirus infections. This is because of the current surge in its southern States caused by the Delta variant. The rate of vaccination, in several States here, is below the national average.

The trend looks ominous, health officials worry. An analysis of the rate of infections in Florida and Louisiana will tell you one thing. This is perhaps the highest in the entire world.

These numbers began declining in the US during the spring. By that time, vaccines became widely available in the country. The numbers rose in other nations like India.

America Among The Nations With Highest Number Of New COVID 19 Infections

In August, the US, till now, has reported more than 1.5 million new COVID 19 infections. This is three times higher than that of Iran and India. The two countries hold the second and third places in the matter.

At present, Louisiana reported the highest number of new COVID 19 infections. Florida followed suit.

And the rate of transmission seems to continue to increase. The southern States report that things are about to be out of control.

America Among The Nations With Highest Number Of New COVID 19 Infections

On Friday, Florida reached a record high unknown to itself till this time. It reported 151,415 new COVID 19 cases. This is the highest seven-day average since the time the pandemic began in the country.

Delta variant is considered to be the reason for the current surge the US is witnessing. The number of hospitalizations among adults, aged 30-39, has reached record heights. The rate is now 2.2 for every 100000 people living in the affected regions. In the previous month, the same among the age-group mentioned above was 0.64 for 100000 residents.

The Governor of Louisiana announced that the State has reached a record high of more than 2,907 hospitalizations. This is six more from the previous day. According to him, the numbers are not the highest that have the country has ever seen. They are the third highest from the time the pandemic started. Healthcare professionals in the State are feeling the heat. Doctors, nurses, physician assistants; everyone is tired of the situation. State authorities are worried. Governor said that he has never seen them this anxious, frustrated or sad.

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Alabama, on the other hand, is witnessing a rapid rise in hospitalizations among children and teenagers. Children come to hospitals fighting hard to breathe. Some need ventilator support. Some require intubation. The State Governor stresses that when schools reopen, everyone has to wear masks irrespective of their vaccination status.

According to him, the best way to do this is to issue a mandate, to have a requirement that everyone needs to follow. The fighting going on in this regard pains him deeply. He feels that everyone will have at least one child. And they have their best interests in mind. They have to do it for them, he added.

But the issuance of mask mandates for children has polarized the country quite badly. This is more visible in the areas where the rate of vaccination is the lowest. The number of new infections and hospitalizations is on the rise in these States.

President Biden thanked school authorities for standing up to Republican Governors who have taken ill-informed choices in public health.

Certain Republican Governors oppose such mandates. Some even have executive orders in place barring State entities from issuing such requirements. The Governor of Florida went further ahead. He even threatened not to pay the salaries of those school authorities who ignore his ban.

More and more states, however, are moving against such executive orders. In one State, a court blocked the ban despite requests from the governor to undo the verdict. Somewhere else, public schools have filed a lawsuit against such bans from Governors.

The FDA, in the meantime, has authorized the use of the third dose of vaccine for immuno-compromised individuals.

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