More American Cities Requiring Proof Of Vaccination To Visit Places

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 17, 2021

The number of cities that require proof of vaccination is growing with every passing day. People now have to prove that they are vaccinated against the Coronavirus to work in schools or hospitals, to dine out, or to enjoy concerts.

The time you can ignore your vaccination card is long gone. Today, more and more US cities are asking for proof that you have received your shot against COVID 19.

New York City was the first place to issue such a requirement. New Orleans and San Francisco will follow suit from next week.  Los Angeles is exploring such a possibility.

More American Cities Requiring Proof Of Vaccination To Visit Places

The new rules come into effect in the wake of the rampaging Delta variant pushing hospitals to the breaking point. Dallas, in particular, announced that it is facing a shortage of pediatric beds in its hospitals.

More American Cities Requiring Proof Of Vaccination To Visit Places

A County judge aptly describes the situation. In Dallas, if one child needs care, he will have to wait for another child’s death. That is the only time when a bed gets vacant. Children will not get ventilator support. If they need care, they will have to be transported to other hospitals where there are beds. Getting to one here has only a slim chance. This is the same judge who imposed a mask mandate for schools, business institutions, and all other places in the County. He ordered this after another judge blocked the Governor’s ban on such rulings. People here, however, are not required to show proof of vaccination.

Chicago school system is the third-largest district in the country. It has over 360,000 students. The district announced on Friday that all its students and employees should be fully inoculated by mid-October. Those eligible for exemptions can avail themselves of them on religious or medical backgrounds.

Philadelphia too has issued similar instructions. It has also included healthcare professionals in its fold.

The Mayor of New Orleans has the same thing to say. According to her, proof of vaccination is the wisest way to protect businesses. She, however, is against a complete lockdown. At present, the country has one tool to protect itself against COVID 19; vaccine. It was not there in the past.

As per the data available for the last 14 days, Louisiana set a new record in the number of daily hospitalizations with COVID 19, 2,907. According to health officials, 91% of them are unvaccinated. The State’s Democratic Governor sounded the alarm. He said that overloading hospitals are a real issue. The State will not be able to deal with the rush of new COVID 19 infections along with heart patients or accident victims. He announced that if this continues, the healthcare system may collapse.

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Health officials, at present, have pinned their hopes on the proof of vaccine requirements. This may prompt more and more people to receive their shots against the infection. This is something incentives and other cash rewards could not do. The rate of vaccination till recently was only 38%. But with the surge of the Delta variant, people are coming in large numbers to receive their shots against COVID 19.

According to critics, the vaccine mandate is a violation of privacy. More than 18 States, which have Republican Governors, are fighting hard against vaccine passports and other such requirements. Some have even banned businesses from denying their services to the unvaccinated.

One restaurant, when it reopened, required that its employees and patrons get vaccinated to come there. But he faced strong backlash on social networking platforms. People wanted him, his family, his staff, and everyone he knew dead. But he said that he does not regret his decision. He had to turn away certain customers. Still, he wants his place to be safe.

Even on the face of this stiff resistance, more and more cities are issuing vaccine requirements.

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