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American Samoa Gets Its First COVID 19 Patient

American Samoa has detected the first instance of COVID 19 there. The island’s acting Governor announced this on Friday. The case is an individual who came back to the island from Hawaii.

The resident came to the island on Monday. The island had just allowed commercial flights from Honolulu to Pago Pago. The route remained closed from March last year.

American Samoa Gets Its First COVID 19 Patient

According to health officials, the individual was fully inoculated. The person tested negative for the virus in the airport.

American Samoa requires that all travelers get fully vaccinated before planning to travel to the region. They also have to quarantine upon arriving.

American Samoa Gets Its First COVID 19 Patient
  1. Washington

The US Food and Drug Administration rejected President Biden’s proposal to offer booster shots to the general public. It, however, is recommended for those above 65 and above and for other vulnerable people.

The two votes that forced FDA to reject the proposal are seen as a great blow to President Biden. He had announced a plan to ensure utmost protection to all Americans. The plan was outlined in the backdrop of the dangerously transmissible Delta variant.

The recommendation of booster shots for the elderly of the country may slightly help his campaign. But it is a severe blow to the White House’s declared plan. His administration had announced a month earlier than they would administer booster shots both from Pfizer and Moderna to the general public. The third dose was intended to be given after eight months of the second dose of either vaccine.

The meeting had a debate for several hours. The agency expressed its reservations about the prospect of offering booster shots to every single individual.

In the meantime, President Biden said that he will conduct a virtual meeting next Friday.

The summit will happen on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly. The White House’s Press Secretary said that the President will ask other nations to increase their contribution to the global vaccination drive and treatments for COVID 19. During the summit, he will exhort the world to make concerted efforts to end the pandemic and will appeal to other nations to contribute more to the vaccination campaign.

At present, the United States is the largest donor of vaccine doses. He will ask other wealthy nations to add up to their commitments to share their vaccines with the rest of the world. The White House said that philanthropists, global leaders, representatives from industries, and NGOs will take part in the meeting.

2. MEMPHIS, Tennessee

A Federal Judge yet again blocked an attempt from parents to help their children opt-out of the mask mandate which was aimed at minimizing the spread of the virus. Certain parents are suing the school for granting exemptions for students in mask mandates. According to them, maskless people put their children’s health at risk.

3. Islamabad, Pakistan

The British Government has lifted its travel restrictions on Pakistan from next Wednesday. Pakistan was on their red list. The country’s top diplomat to Pakistan and the Transport Secretary announced the same on Twitter.

Pakistan welcomed the move. Its Planning Minister applauded the move on Twitter.

Pakistan is facing the fourth wave of COVID 19. Since the onset of the pandemic, 1.5 million people got infected and over 27,072 succumbed to the disease in the country.

India vaccinated more than 27000000 people on a single day. This, the country, did it as a birthday present to Mr. Narendra Modi, the country’s Prime Minister. The country has fully vaccinated 20% of its population. 62% have received the first dose of the vaccine.

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