Americans Are Urged Not To Travel Abroad Post The Implementation Of The New Testing Requirement By The US Government

Special Correspondent | Last Updated : January 28, 2021

The newly elected Biden government has asked Americans not to travel to foreign countries after the new restrictions that were imposed by the government on Tuesday, that required passengers who traveled through the air to submit their negative Covid-19 test undertaken within 3 calendar days from the date of departure or a recovery proof within the last 90 days from Covid-19 should be submitted.

Americans Are Urged Not To Travel Abroad Post The Implementation Of The New Testing Requirement

Ian Brownlee, the assistant secretary of State for Consular Affairs, has asked the citizens to reconsider overseas travel. Further, he added on Tuesday that US citizens who wish to fly abroad should be prepared for any disruptions in their tri.

Brownlee said that if any American doesn’t have easy access to the Covid-19 test or test positive but are in a foreign land, they must have proper resources to stay longer in that country. He further said if such a thing happens, the individual will be responsible for covering their lodging and medical costs.

Americans Are Urged Not To Travel Abroad

Marty Cetron, who is the director for the Division of Global Migration and Quarantine, Centre for Disease Control and Preventions, took the same call on traveling abroad, saying that this is not the right time for people to engage in travel and that it should be postponed until the nation gets the virus under control.

Brownlee said, despite the warnings, the State Department will not consider issuing a global Level 4: Do Not Travel advisory instead, they will issue country by country basis advisories. The same department issued a Level 4: Do Not Travel advisory against internal travel in March that continued until July and was lifted in August. It continued to recommend that U.S. citizens exercise caution during that period while traveling abroad due to the pandemic’s unpredictable nature. The State Department will remain committed to helping U.S. citizens overseas under dire situations, but the assistance is likely limited.

Brownlee further added that the goal is to help people to avoid dire straits in the first place. For people needing information the same, Americans can contact U.S. embassies for information about medical care and Covid-19 tests. The embassies won’t be able to conduct such tests as per Brownlee. President Joe Biden reinstated Covid-19 travel restrictions. The new testing requirement came into effect on non-US citizens from Ireland, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and different parts of Europe. This is due to the new Covid variants, which are detected in various countries across the world. The new variants are being watched very closely by the U.S. government, as stated by CDC’s Cetron. He added that the risks of international travel are highlighted as President Biden and the administration has taken steps to combat the virus and use all the measures they have at their disposal. Due to the consequence, the CDC’s original order on January 10th and 12th came into effect on Tuesday.

Cetron said that the waiver that was contemplated to extend the implementation deadline by a few weeks had been removed on Tuesday. Although a humanitarian emergency exemption has been taken into account.

This decision for removing the waiver was made to ensure that the government brings the testing strategy into implementation immediately and not for an additional two week wait. Cetron said they are holding daily morning operation calls with airline companies to ensure the same rollout and implementation. Officials suggested that there may be possible travel restrictions over land borders.

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