Americans In 2022 With A 2020 Attitude; A Quick Recap Through 2020!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 21, 2022

The first wave of the Covid-19 virus overwhelmed the entire health sector. Strict mandates were placed by CDC. The New York City healthcare system collapsed and the virus was tried to be managed by using hospital ships and triage tents in Central Park. The White House then, insinuated that if the other American Cities collapsed, they wouldn’t be able to do what they did in New York and the federal government would tap out from these circumstances. 

Americans In 2022 With A 2020 Attitude; A Quick Recap Through 2020

Former President Donal Trump tried to slow down the spread of Covid-19 in the first 45 days. The spread of Covid-19 couldn’t be tracked properly by the CDC. It was badly misjudged especially in cities like New York and Seattle. There were debates on the fatality of Covid-19 as it was compared to flu.

Americans In 2022 With A 2020 Attitude; A Quick Recap Through 2020

The first wave subsided by July 2020 and it resulted in the death of 0.25% of the entire population of New York City by Covid-19. One-fifth of the residents were infected. There was no immunity, no effective medicines, and no proper care for the patients back then.

By the winter of 2020, the situation worsened as the Covid-19 pandemic reached its peak killing more than 6000 people in the US in nursing homes themselves.

The case fatality rate back then was estimated to be 0.1 percent. Offices were closed, the education system went online or through remote learning. Everybody was trapped inside their homes with strict social distancing rules and mask mandates. 

Measures and actions were adjusted according to the risks and fatalities of the situation back then in 2020. But how do you assess the risks and dangers now? 

Back to the Present-2022

The Covid-19 flu is constantly evolving and modifying into different strains and while that is occurring, most Americans have vaccinated themselves for protection against Covid-19. Those who didn’t, have been infected often more than once. Vaccination or prior infection has given more than 90% of Americans some level of immunity to the virus.

It’s no surprise that the risk of Covid-19 has been on the decline and the CDC needs to update its policies. The tools adopted back in 2020 to prevent the spread are no longer required. There is no appropriate measure that analyses whether the cost of social disruption, remote education learning, and economic drag outweigh the risk of infection. 

The restrictions have been mandated but no modification according to the situation was made.

Back then, the 2020s “moderate” is our new “low” as we are being vaccinated and our vulnerability to the virus has declined. 

Even as the Omicron wave has been on the decline, the policies are still in place. Children still wore masks to the school with no guidelines on when it would end. Schools went back to remote learning and offices closed down in the big cities. Some states and businesses keep on mandating vaccines even as unvaccinated people have been infected and gained immunity from the virus. 

It is estimated that 70% of Americans have been infected at least once and about 87% have received at least one dose of vaccine. Therapies are put in place to treat the sick and reduce the risk of hospitalization or death. Soon, almost half-billion “at-home” Covid tests will be produced each month. Healthcare has drastically improved. 

It is being proposed that diagnostic tests must be distributed and a small stock must be on hand at all times. Masks should be used voluntarily and used strictly during the epidemic peak. Air quality and filtration in indoor settings need to be constantly improved. Access to testing must be ensured. Maybe create new cultural norms that allow work from home or school when one doesn’t feel well.

In conclusion, we must adapt and modify the strategies and tools used as the risk of the pandemic is on the decline.

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