Americans Are Going Through A Traumatized Time Amidst Omicron Crisis

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 11, 2022

Omicron is the new killer haunting the whole world in one go. With the fast spread of the latest variant, Americans are becoming traumatized. Moreover, the unique characteristics of the virus are forcing people to do some new calculations. Although this disoriented phase is not permanent, more deaths are creating chaos across the whole country. 

Americans Are Going Through A Traumatized Time Amidst Omicron Crisis

The growing number of infected cases makes Americans more frustrated and confused. The new symptoms are not known with certainty to most. Hence, the gradual of the coronavirus from one variant to another is creating a lot of chaos. 

Americans Are Going Through A Traumatized Time Amidst Omicron Crisis

The current health reports show that Omicron is more contiguous than all its predecessors. The doctors are constantly stating that the basic elements of this variant are quite different from the others. However, the symptoms vary from the earlier variants and will have a milder impact. 

The new scenario prevailing in the USA indicates a surge in hospitalization rates. Admissions are taking a huge turn, with more patients getting Covid-19 positive results. Such a situation is making the clinical establishments suffer from staffing shortages also.

The number of new cases is reaching heights as per the present trends. More than half of the hospital beds are occupied by Covid patients, leaving very little chance to address other health issues. 

Americans are slowly understanding the alarming situation and becoming dismayed. With so many people roaming about without both shots of vaccination, such a situation was quite predictable.

As per the health officials of the Government Department, the public must upgrade the quality of the masks that they are wearing till now. It must not be a plain cotton cloth. Rather, they must shift to the medically-approved masks to ensure more protection. 

The isolation period is now half of the previous one. As per the new norms, a COVID-positive patient can only be isolated for five days. Earlier, it was ten days. This is an exceptional rule from the rest of the world, where most countries allow 14 days of the isolation period. 

The personal transition team of President Biden urged the President to formulate a new strategy amidst such a new scenario. It must be in line to live with the virus forever without affecting the normal life. Hence, with the declaration of the new guidance, the USA natives are showing mixed reactions. 

It is confusing for Americans to decide whether to go for a coffee with a friend or complete the dinner at home only. Most of the citizens are willing to cancel all their plans for vacations.

With more children getting affected in a day, guardians are not in a state to take risks. As a precautionary measure, they are also not sending the kids to schools. Online classes are becoming a fabulous alternative in this respect. 

USA people discard the old habits and adopt the new normal situation with advanced medicated face masks. The permissible masks in this respect are N95 and KN95.

They are favoring the conduct of self rapid antigen tests at homes only, avoiding the testing centers. To avoid errands or trips to markets, people opt for online orders for groceries or meals. 

In the current case of the Omicron variant, American is not going through a complete lockdown. Offices and businesses are running continuously, with preventive measures in place.

Several public servants like the firefighters, police officers, doctors, etc., showed infections with the new symptoms coming up. Although some are raising questions on the safety measures prevailing in schools, some say that the COVID cases are already a part of normal lives. So, it’s a mixture of fear and new normal life.

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