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Americans Now Have Access To Second Covid 19 Vaccine From Moderna

The FDA has finally given emergency use authorization for the covid-19 vaccine developed by Moderna. This is the second covid-19 vaccine that is getting clearance from the FDA. Recently the covid-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech was given approval by the FDA, and it is now being used in the mass vaccination program.

Stephen Hahn, the commissioner of the US FDA, granted emergency use authorization for the Moderna vaccine on Friday. As the officials do not want to wait for a long duration to provide complete approval for the vaccine, they are opting for the emergency use authorization in order to bring the number of coronavirus cases down across the country.

Americans Now Have Access To Second Covid 19 Vaccine From Moderna

This is the first time the FDA has taken such measures in a very long time as the global pandemic has spread across the country within a short duration of time and more than 17 million Americans are infected with the coronavirus. Considering the gravity of the situation and the urgent need for a vaccine to control the pandemic, the authorities have reduced the regulatory formalities by a huge margin and allowed for quick clinical trials.

Americans Now Have Access To Second Covid 19 Vaccine From Moderna

The announcement from the FDA makes the US the first country to authorize two covid-19 vaccines. The best part about the process is that everything was done in a clear and transparent manner as independent scientists evaluated the clinical trials and recommended the vaccine to the FDA. The CDC also considers this a huge milestone during the pandemic situation.

After reviewing the data from clinical trials of Moderna vaccine, the FDA authorities were convinced that the benefits outweighed the risks associated with the covid-19 vaccine. As per available data, the clinical trials for this vaccine was conducted on 30,000 volunteers, and the vaccine was able to protect 94% of recipients from active disease. The best part about the report was that there were no major safety concerns associated with the vaccine and most of the side effects were very mild in nature.

The Moderna vaccine is likely to be dispatched on Monday for public distribution. The company has so far manufactured about 5.9 million doses, and it is likely to boost up production in the coming weeks. The interesting thing about the Biotech company is that it had never brought a product to the market, and this is the first approved product from the company.

Even though the coronavirus has affected every country in the world, the US stands to be the most affected, with close to 23% of the total cases of the world coming from the US. When it comes to mortality rates, the US accounts for 19 % of the global mortality due to the covid-19 pandemic.

There is a serious surge in the number of coronavirus cases during the winter season, and it is shocking to note that more than 150 people are diagnosed every minute, and one American is reported dead about every 34 seconds due to covid-19 pandemic.

The authorities now have a huge task at hand to roll out the vaccine across the country. According to CDC reports, America has to reach a vaccination rate of close to 70% in order to control the pandemic in the long run. This is a big challenge considering the fact that enough supply is not there at the moment, and it may take several months before the authorities can reach that level of vaccination.

Moderna has said that it will be able to deliver 20 million doses of its vaccine before the end of this month. Apart from that, the company will also deliver another 80 million doses in the early parts of 2021.

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