Amy Coney Barret Will Be a Tough One For The Democrats

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 28, 2020

Trump has again proved that he is not sitting quietly and is trying hard to make his mark. He has nominated the judge Amy Coney Barret. The nominee is a female again has won many hearts of the female candidates. It is being expected that Amy is not going to be easy to handle for the democrats.

Amy Coney Barret will be a tough one for the democrats

Being a mother of seven children, Amy will be focussing on rights related to abortion and stripping of Americans keeping their healthcare rights in the limelight. Amy is the first judge nominee who is a mother. She has been portraying her role perfectly. All her children are school-aged and were happy to see their mother when she spoke and addressed in the rose garden.Trump happily introduced her and said that she is one of the best minds when it comes to intellectual thinking and will do complete justice to the place of Ginsburg.

Barrett skillfully articulated in her voice the qualities of her judicial ideology that endeared her to conservatives. But as a room parent, carpool driver, and birthday party planner, she also addressed elements of her biography that seemed intended to make her a related figure to the voting group of the women who have been conservative and also will favour her thoughts and decisions on abortion and the laws for the healthcare.The ceremony was planned the same way as it was done when Bill Clinton nominated Ginsburg. It was the time the nation was waiting for. Trump announced the nominee, and Amy gave a powerful speech. She is being considered as an unbiased lady. The citizens have appreciated the step taken by the President.

Barrett spoke of her appreciation for how the relationship between Scalia, who she considered her mother, and Ginsburg proved that claims, particularly on issues of great importance, do not need to kill love, a norm she said, in a veiled plea for bipartisanship before the tense confirmation hearings that will begin on October 12 and that Republicans expect to have wrapped up on Election Day, Trump is looking forward that this step might help him in winning the votes for the conservative women. His allies keep a check on all the parameters that they can now use and get votes in their ballots. This is a tough fight for the President, and slowly, he has accepted that Biden is not an easy one to take lightly.

One of the biggest powers of the democrats is that they do not take healthcare lightly. They understand that the only thing that the people of America want right now is a strong healthcare system that must help them. In these pandemic times, Trump did not pay the healthcare department’s focus, which made the people angry and went against him. On the other hand, Biden has taken healthcare as his priority and always spoke about the same. The most important challenges that were related to the affordable act have been taken seriously, and Joe is all set to present the arguments that are scheduled after the elections.

Biden had openly said that Trump does not care about the citizens’ health, and all he wants is to remain in power. He has been trying to get rid of the Affordable act for the past four years. Some records prove the same. The act focusses on the healthcare of the people, and Trump has no serious concern regarding the same. The former vice president claimed that, just after the American people choose their new President and the next Congress, the Senate could not vote on Trump’s choice of Barrett, arguing that the American people are already voting. Their health insurance hangs in the balance. Biden acknowledged that a new collection of pre-existing problems had been created by medical complications from Covid-19. These safeguards could vanish if the ACA were struck down.

Barrett told the Democratic Senator during her confirmation hearings for the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in a prolonged back-and-forth on Roe with California Sen. Dianne Feinstein in 2017 that she did not want to comment on her agreement or disagreement with any Supreme Court precedent, as she said she would agree to follow any Supreme C unflinchingly if assigned to the appeal court. There have been polling, and the people who were a part of the polling said that the winner of the elections must decide that who will take the seat of Ginsburg. People have clearly stated that they know that Trump has made this decision in a hurry to get benefitted if the decision of the elections goes against him. He is a smart player, and Coney also cannot be taken lightly. They both can prove to be a good fight for the democrats.

But it is all about speculations and rumors. The facts are not clear, and Barret only knows what she is up to and how she will handle the cases. Though in her speech, she has clearly said that she is going to be unbiased and will work for the nation. She is not going to be focussed on a particular group. She will pass on her justice, keeping the betterment of the nation in mind. She also said that she has known Ginsburg and will follow her footsteps. The speech that she delivered was very appealing and has made the people believe in her. Though there are those taking it as a mere step by Trump to win the hearts of the people by nominating a good candidate, the democrats also believe it to be the best decision. He is an uncertain person, and you cannot think or analyze his mindset. Still, yes, Amy Coney Barret is a great choice, and the people hope that she will prove to be a great justice and will serve the best to the country without being partial and biased. The officials of both parties are happy and satisfied with the decision, but a statement from Joe Biden is being awaited for the same.





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