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Another Covid-19 Surge That Was Truly Avoidable Would Be Seen In US

CDC Director, Dr Rochelle Walensky said during  a White House Covid-19 briefing on Friday that hospital admissions and cases had moved from historic declines to stagnations, to increases. She added that it was known from prior surges that if things were not controlled now, a  real potential could be seen for the epidemic curve to soar again.

Another Covid-19 Surge That Was Truly Avoidable Would Be Seen In US

At the time she voiced the concerns, the seven-day average of new cases stood at 57,000 daily which was a 7% rise from the prior seven day average.

She called on Americans to take the moment very seriously.

Another Covid-19 Surge That Was Truly Avoidable Would Be Seen In US

According to commentators, health experts had echoed the plea across the country. They had called on state leaders to wait a little longer easing Covid-19 restrictions and urged citizens to follow safety measures as the US raced to vaccinate more people. They had warned that those actions were especially crucial at the juncture given that a highly contagious and potentially more deadly variant was spreading across the US.

But the pleas went unheeded with around a dozen governors along with local leaders relaxing measures this month. Popular beach  destinations saw spring  break crowds as air travel surged.

Walensky said during the briefing that she knew people were tired. They were being asked to hang on a little while longer in terms of the masks and the mitigation strategies so that the majority of people could be vaccinated.

With 15.5% of the US population fully vaccinated, not enough Americans were protected yet to suppress the virus spread through herd immunity.

According to experts, what could help fight another Covid-19 surge were measures that had been seen to work earlier, face masks, avoiding crowds, social distancing, and regular washing of hands.

Concerns had already been voiced by  some state leaders  regarding Covid-19 trends. 

Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services chief medical executive said she though they were in the third surge in Michigan. She was speaking to CNN on Sunday, with cases increasing seen mostly in people between 10 and 19 years of age.

According to Khaldun, several factors were responsible for the trend, including reopenings, increased gatherings, and schools and prisons outbreaks.

According to commentators, outbreaks related to student and sports gatherings were a special concern, with the first two months of 2021 seeing 315 outbreaks linked to recreational clubs or student sports teams. With Michigan now testing more in schools, those engaged in the sports would require to be mandatorily tested.

Khaldun said anyone 13 to 19 years of age and engaged in organized sports, would need to get tested at least weekly.

She added if they had symptoms, they could not play at all.

Vermont officials reported over 250 new Covid-19 cases on Friday — the highest one-day total for the state since the start  of the pandemic.

According to Dr. Mark Levine, the health commissioner of the state, the increase was likely fueled by more people moving around now that warmer weather had arrived and by circulating variants.

He said the state’s efforts to vaccinate Vermonters was a race against what the virus did best: move easily from person to person. He added, throughout the country, including along the Eastern Seaboard, case numbers were up.

He added that half of the cases seen in the last two weeks had been in people under 30 years, new cases were more prominent in people aged between 20 and 29.

According to Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, Friday while the Covid-19 numbers of the state had been going down for several months, they had now plateaued, and officials were concerned they would start rising again.

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