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Anti-Vaccine Law Firm Assisting Anti-Vaccine Movements

From students in the largest university to a deputy sheriff in North Carolina, the American Complaining about the anti-vaccine mandate are a diverse lot. Their resistance has further been tightened up by the involvement of a law firm aiding the anti-vaccine movement.

Anti-Vaccine Law Firm Assisting Anti-Vaccine Movements

The lawyers from Siri & Glimstad, a New York firm with millions of dollars of legal work done for the nation’s foremost anti-vaccine groups, are co-counsel in a case against the Durham County Sheriff’s Office. They’ve sent official warning letters to officials in different places. They have warned officials in  Rock County, Wis., as well as the president of Rutgers University and other schools.

Anti-Vaccine Law Firm Assisting Anti-Vaccine Movements

The legal giants are demonstrating that groundwork against compulsory immunization is being coordinated and parties mobilized, at least in part. This is being done from a law office on Park Avenue in midtown Manhattan. The law firm is offering a window into a wide-ranging and well-resourced effort. All efforts are set to contest vaccine requirements in workplaces and other places critical to the country’s reopening. These places are creating a dispute between implications for public health, state authority and individual rights. The conflict is so rife that the message is, ‘Maybe the institutions should reconsider because they may not want to end up in court,’ ” Dorit Rubinstein Reiss, a professor at the University of California’s Hastings College of the Law.  Said and he believes that works.” Citing the lack of enough studies on the dangers of the vaccine, Informed Consent Action Network, a Texas-based nonprofit group founded by former daytime television producer Del Bigtree argued. The group that is campaigning for in part by citing unsubstantiated or debunked claims about the dangers and has sought their services and plea.

They asked who is being required to receive a covid 19 vaccine against their wish. They also let the public know that ICAN is offering legal support and will challenge the requirement on your behalf. They reiterated this on a children blog that’s run by the children health defence. This is a group that Robert F Kennedy Jr. runs. However, Kennedy, a family, says the blog is spreading anti-vaccine information.

Advocacy issues are not new and have been there even before the pandemic. Legal services were core to these advocacy efforts. The nearly $1.3 million paid by ICAN to Siri & Glimstad in 2019 — the most recent year for which a tax filing is publicly available has been the nonprofit’s single largest reported expenditure. However, at stake in this latest contest is whether the employers are expected to have substantive evidence for supporting the safety and efficacy of the coronavirus vaccines. This alongside as well as the extraordinary health risks created by the current emergency. This was said by  Kerry A. Scanlon, a former Department of Justice official who oversees labor and employment litigation at Chicago-based law firm McDermott Will & Emery.

Scanlon however n believes employers are better placed to win their defence if they put forth a strong defence to defend compulsory vaccination. He, however, said many might shy away from it to avoid costly litigation.

Thanks to the work of a strong legal team led by Siri & Glimstad’s managing partner, Aaron Siri, ICANN is already claiming victory. The group declared on a children blog also stated that some “Employers and schools that previously required the covid-19 vaccine have dropped those requirements.” 

In legal filings and letters to employers and universities, attorneys from Siri & Glimstad focused on the expedited process known as an emergency use authorization that has been used to clear the shots during a public health emergency. 

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