Antibodies To Help People With Low Immune System

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 10, 2021

Coronavirus has devasted the whole world and millions of people have suffered. Now with the covid 19 vaccine, the hospitalization has decreased..

Antibodies To Help People With Low Immune System

These people have been given 3 or 4 vaccine shots to preserve the efficacy of the vaccine in their bodies but not much progress has been made so far. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is checking the data on a new drug known as monoclonal antibodies which is being made by Regeneron.

FDA stated that they would provide emergency authorization if the date provided by Regeneron is good. This can be given as a set of injection to people with low immune system every 3 or 4 months depending upon the person so that the coronavirus vaccine`s efficacy can be preserved. This method is called as pre-exposure prophylaxis aka PrEP.

Antibodies To Help People With Low Immune System

Dr Marshal Lyon stated that if this is approved then many of the life`s can be saved and PrEP can be given to patients who in a vulnerable state. He further stated that the usage should be in accordance with the doctor and people should not view this as a replacement for the corona virus vaccine. During mid-September, the government had to take control of the distribution of the monoclonal antibodies as people had started to stock this.

During this time the supply went up to 200,000 doses per week. Many of the drug manufacturers stated that they were behind schedule and were not able to meet up with the increased demand. As people got to know that monoclonal antibodies can boost your immune system people started to stock this thinking this will give their body a good fighting chance against the virus.

However, as the cases and hospitalization started to dip the demand also dipped. Currently, 126,000 doses per week are being shipped all around the country. No comment has been made from FDA as to when they will approve this under emergency and many of the doctors and health care professionals are waiting for this.

AstraZeneca is also seeking approval for their antibody drug known as AZD7442. An AstraZeneca spokesman stated that this will be able to help people with low immune system or people suffering from heart conditions and cancer as well.

In other news the vaccination for kids all around the US begins today with full force. Biden administration has asked many of the schools to help set up a vaccination tent so that the vaccination of kids can be carried out much more effectively. With schools setting up a tent the parents and the kids won’t have to travel to unknown place or wait long hours for the vaccination. Also, with the teachers to help all of the kids, information would be readily available at the school as well making it easy for the medical team as well.

However, not all states agree to making the vaccine mandatory for the kids and they stated that vaccination is fully dependent on parent approval and would be given out only if parents say yes to this. With schools reopened getting kids vaccinated is more important as they could get the virus anytime they are outside their home and could affect them severely.

CDC has also asked hospitals all around the country to help out the parents with any queries they might have regarding the vaccination. The kid vaccination is expected to reach 50% by mid-January.

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