Antonio Brown’s Instagram Video Confirms Keyshia Cole Hookup Rumors!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : May 18, 2022

Rumors of an Antonio Brown-Keyshia Cole relationship have been circulating since the two collaborated on the NFL player’s most recent album, “Paradigm”. The putative couple has been in the media spotlight since March since they are seen spending time together. However, a recent video shared by a former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver shows the two seem to have a thing for one another.

Antonio Brown’s Wild Instagram Video Seemingly Confirms Keyshia Cole Hookup Rumors!!

It wasn’t long before the release of “Paradigm” that Brown and Cole were having a fantastic time together. In addition, Cole has made no secret of her admiration for AB. On AB’s social media account, an image of Keyshia Cole’s lower back with an AB tattoo was unintentionally posted earlier this month. Amidst all of these reports and speculations, AB finally decided to share the video again on Instagram, and he didn’t hesitate.

Antonio Brown's Instagram Video Confirms Keyshia Cole Hookup Rumors

The two of them have a relationship that goes beyond friendship. Nothing says “I care about you” more than getting a tattoo of your best friend’s name. Brown and longtime girlfriend Chelsie Kyriss recently announced their engagement. she calls him an “irresponsible spouse” even though they are the parents of three children together

In contrast, Cole has decided to remain celibate after breaking up with a guy named Zay a year ago. Is it possible that the R&B sensation and the wide receiver who previously held the record for the highest compensation have a tangled link?

Soon after rumors of an affair between Antonio Brown and Keyshia Cole arose, things between the two seemed to be falling apart. For as long as she can remember, the R&B artist has been open about how much she misses the former NFL player.

During the weekend, Keyshia posted some photographs of a collaborator she worked with on the song “Don’t Leave” on Instagram Stories.

Keyshia’s Stories have been brought to Antonio’s attention after he disseminated an image clip featuring a woman with a tattoo of his initials in the lower-left corner of the photograph. He first posted the video in April, and a lot of people assumed it was Keyshia because of that.

The athlete, who is no longer under contract, also used their song “Don’t Leave” as the soundtrack for the video, which can be seen in the background.

Keyshia later responded to AB’s post, saying that he was “mad” at her and that she had apologized to him for whatever reason. begging him to listen to her, “Forgive them, honey; you’ve shared this with AB before, but the captions were different each time.

Additionally, Keyshia has taken the time to respond to the many inquiries from the general public about her romantic relationship with Antonio. In response, she penned this to a fan who had been cheering her on: “Thank you for your kind words! Lmao! They’ve gotten used to it and are happy with the results.

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