Anxiety-Induced Behaviors To Expect When The World Re-Opens

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 15, 2021

Prior to the COVID 19 pandemic, people loved outings and social interactions. Everyone truly misses it. This is, in fact, the reason why we want the pandemic to end. But as the new normal becomes part of our life, what would you feel when resuming the activities you loved so much? Even today, the world is not completely safe. But vaccinated people can resume the activities they used to enjoy to a certain extent.

Anxiety-Induced Behaviors To Expect When The World Re-Opens

People suffering from the disorders like anxiety, compulsive obsessive behavior, or those who recently had a traumatic experience will have a tough time getting on track. What we considered familiar is now strange. For almost a year, people are constantly being asked to avoid contact with outsiders and to keep a distance. Today, they are being told; they are free to spend time with others. The world is relatively safer. It is quite natural then that things look a bit stressful or anxiety-inducing. Slight anxiety is great. It warns you about situations when you should practice utmost caution. Given below are the places that may cause anxiety:

Anxiety-Induced Behaviors To Expect When The World Re-Opens
  1. When Having to make eye contact

You were maintaining social distance at home. In such an instance, the only people you make eye contact with are a store-owner, cashier or coworker in the near future through a screen without wearing a mask. You may prefer to look down as everything around may stress you a bit. Remember, the best way to establish a relationship is to have eye contact. Eye contact combines with a smile to tell the other person that you care for him. The other person will respond in kind.

  1. Being part of a crowd

If you have watched a movie before the pandemic, seeing a crowd may have excited you. But in the new normal, only small groups are allowed. And you may end up preferring only to be in close quarters.

The best course of action here is to decide your protected space. Place something at the end of your protective space. If you want others to respect you, tell them gently. If they defy, remind yourself that you will be out in no time. Move along with the people until you find a space where you have that protected space for yourself.

  1. When having to shake hands or hug

During the early phase of the pandemic, the US debated whether they should shake hands or not. The people here are quite social. Today, the thought of the same may scare you away. If you feel so, let the person know it.

Initiating a hug may appear truly terrifying. If someone wants to hug, give the signal that you are not comfortable. Or you can have a butterfly hug.

  1. When people try to flirt or when they ask you for a date

The request for a date or an offer of having coffee may scare you. And you may find yourself looking for ways to save yourself. The best option is to have a mutual understanding. You can begin with each other’s contact information, move to virtual dating and then take it forward.

Intimate relationships may appear even scarier. Here too, try to move slow and steady. If the person is caring enough, he will address your concerns and respect your priorities.

  1. Sharing public space

You are sitting comfortably on your bench. Someone comes and asks you if he can sit with you. You may be confused as to how to respond. Refusing may offend that person. In such a situation, just say that you are not vaccinated. If you are, you may use your logic to respond.

Finally, when getting back to work, flow with the current. You have no choice but slowly accept the change. Be cautious when things are in your control.

Nikki Attkisson

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