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An AP-NORC Poll Finds Biden’s Support Slipping Amid COVID Cases

Joe Biden is experiencing a summer slump on account of Americans’ less positive views of the way he handled the Coronavirus pandemic and a decline in his approval ratings. It is reported that according to the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, 54% of Americans approve of Biden’s performance at the helm of the nation, down from 59% last month. It is a worrying sign for Biden considering the challenges he faces in both domestic and foreign policy as he begins his second year in office.

An AP-NORC Poll Finds Biden’s Support Slipping Amid COVID Cases

A major concern in the survey relates to how the president handled the pandemic. 66% of Americans approved of his stewardship of the public health crisis last month; now they approve of it only 54%, largely due to the loss of Republican and independent support.

An AP-NORC Poll Finds Biden's Support Slipping Amid COVID Cases

In addition to the decline in support, there are also other clouds gathering in front of Biden’s presidency, including deteriorating conditions in Afghanistan with U.S. troops withdrawing and the Taliban taking hold of the country. Americans were divided about Biden’s handling of foreign policy and national security during the period of the poll as Taliban advances into Kabul were widely reported.

The Pandemic and his handling of it will determine whether Biden’s presidency succeeds or fails. White House officials were urging Americans to enjoy a return to normalcy this summer after announcing victory over the virus earlier this summer, backing lifting public health restrictions. Nearly all Democrats and a substantial share of Republicans praised Biden’s approach to the pandemic, according to polling.

Communities, businesses, and schools want to reinstate some restrictions on mask use that were lifted earlier this year when trends were heading in a more positive direction, but as a new strain of COVID-19 sets in, concerns are growing, and vaccination rates are falling. He has personally urged Americans to get vaccinated and he has implemented vaccination requirements for federal employees and the military where he can. The vaccine has yet to be widely adopted, especially in more conservative parts of the country that have seen startlingly high COVID-19 rates recently.

The 69-year-old Jeanette Ellis-Carter wants Biden to push for new vaccine mandates against the backdrop of anti-vaccine sentiment. A Cincinnati resident contracted COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated and fears that if vaccines are not required, many more Americans could become ill.

Biden’s administration has implemented vaccines and masks, but Republican officials have led opposition to them. As of the latest AP-NORC poll, only 21% of Republicans approve of Biden on COVID-19, down from 32% the previous month and 43% last June. In the independent category, 44% now concur with how he handled the pandemic, down from 72% last month.

In the past several months, Biden’s approval rating on the pandemic has been slightly higher than on other major issues, which are largely partisan. A recent poll revealed that 49% of Americans approve of how Biden has handled the economy, while 49% disapprove. In April, 57% of Americans approved.

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White House officials hope that government funding for infrastructure projects, health care, education, and family services will be passed in the fall.

Senator Biden praised the Senate for passing the $1 trillion infrastructure bill with bipartisan support. In the House, however, that measure and a $3.5 trillion budget measure that Democrats rammed through the Senate will be debated. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is trying to build a bridge between moderates and progressives over the price tag of the bigger bill. In terms of the country’s direction, Americans have soured on the president: 39% want countries to go in a better direction, while 61% say it is incorrect. 44% of Americans said the country is headed in the right direction last month.

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