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Appeal Court Upholds Indiana University’s COVID 19 Requirements

If students don’t like Indiana University’s COVID 19 requirements, they can go anywhere else.  That is what was implied in the ruling of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday. The ruling allows the public university to require that all its staff and students be vaccinated before the fall semester starts.

The court said that colleges and universities are free to take any measure to ensure the safety of their staff and students. In saying so, the court denied the injunction eight students filed. It had alleged that the requirements denied them of their constitutional rights.

Appeal Court Upholds Indiana University’s COVID 19 Requirements

If you don’t like to get vaccinated, you can go somewhere else, the court said. The judge also said that the university would have been in trouble if students had feared that others may spread the disease. The students’ lawyer said that he will file an appeal against the verdict in the US Supreme Court.

Appeal Court Upholds Indiana University’s COVID 19 Requirements

The university announced its policy in the spring. It requires that all its staff, students, and faculty should get vaccinated either by August 7th or prior to returning to the campus. They should choose the earliest opportunity available.

Students may request exceptions on either medical or certain religious categories. But the unvaccinated should be under the COVID 19 mitigation measures the university has in place. This, the university believes, will helpfully vaccinate students.

On Monday, the University said that the court upheld its valid concerns with regard to the safety of its staff, students, and faculty. And it is exciting to welcome everyone back for the fall semester.

Last month, the students’ lawyer argued that the vaccine mandate denies them the following rights:

  • Right to the integrity of the body
  • Religious freedom
  • The right to make informed choices in medical treatments

It virtually leaves students with only two choices; either to get vaccinated and continuing their studies in the university. The federal court sided with the university. This prompted the students to appeal to the 7th Circuit.

Many of the students who were involved in the complaint received exemption due to their religious beliefs. They too objected to the extra safety requirements they have to undergo; COVID 19 tests twice a week and mask mandate.’

The IU’s vaccine mandate is the recommendation it received from its restart committee. But from the day it came into effect, controversies started popping up. The State asked the university to withdraw the mandate. Some requested the Governor to block such a requirement.

Other private educational institutions have made such mandates on their campuses.

Locating the nearest vaccine center

Do the following to find a COVID 19 vaccine:

  • Text your zip code to 438829
  • Look for it in the portal,
  • Contact the number 1-800-232-0233

Locating your nearest vaccination center too is an easy thing:

  1. Browse your local pharmacy’s official portal. Check if it is participating in the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program.
  2. Check with your State’s Health Department.
  3. Visit your nearest news outlet. It may have detailed information on the vaccine providers in your locality.

When it comes to scheduling your vaccination appointment, your vaccine provider is the most reliable source of information. It is sure to have an online vaccine scheduling service. Visit its official portal and do as per the instructions.

Know that CDC does not reschedule vaccinations. You have to do it on your own. The agency cannot assist you in any manner to verify your vaccination location. You may get help from the authorities assigned for the purpose.

See to it that you plan well before getting vaccinated. This eliminates the possibility of last-minute cancellations.

Upon receiving your shot, join the community call. When doing so, you help your fellow beings to receive accurate information on vaccines and their benefits.

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