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Arizona Begins To Heal From A Long Battle With COVID-19

Arizona health experts are relieved as the state has finally begun to heal from a deadly 2 month battle with the novel coronavirus.

Executive Director of Arizona State University’s Biodesign Institute Dr.Joshua LaBaer stated that the state had dropped to 5,918 cases from 12,000 cases that were reported in early January.

Arizona Begins To Heal From A Long Battle With COVID-19

He added that it has only been a considerable drop and that the remaining cases have to be tackled before any new ones.

Last year an estimated 7,38,661 cases were reported in Arizona, of which 12,643 people didn’t survive.

Arizona Begins To Heal From A Long Battle With COVID-19

Data studies show that the people in Arizona suffered more from covid 19 than heart diseases or any other illnesses. The state’s covid death rates since February 2020 are shocking considering the fact that they are more than the death rates of cancer and heart diseases.

With President Joe Biden increasing the vaccine supply from 8 million to 10 million, the state is expecting to heal further. 

He had also announced providing a three-week time frame to help state governments arrange the vaccine distribution. 

Arizona health officials state that so far they have distributed over 5,18,125 vaccine shots of Pfizer and Moderna. Around 79,026 people have been successfully vaccinated.

The president also promised an additional supply of 200 million vaccines with the previously arranged 300 million. He plans to help 100 million Americans get vaccinated within his 100 days in the White House.

Arizona Public Health Association’s Executive Director Will Humble stated that despite the vaccine supply being increased, it will take time for the virus to completely subside.

He also said that high-risk patients are initially immunized in order to reduce hospitalizations.

Intensive care units have begun to free out and the hospital beds are no longer overcrowded.

Arizona also reduced the ages to be added for vaccine priority from 75 years to 65 years. 

Humble expressed his concern regarding any backlash by stating that the senior citizens don’t have much awareness regarding the vaccine website process which may result in younger citizens covering all the vaccines from the seniors.

There are many senior centers that provide their elderly residents’ vaccine assistance. 

This system is also followed by many other states in which some senior centres provide even free transportation to their elderly residents as well as non-residents who require assistance. 

With the hospital crowd declining and increased vaccine supply, Arizona expects its health workers to finally have the deserving break.

Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association President Ann-Marie Alameddin stated that the state’s health workers are very tired.

She also said that vaccinations and constant practice of the covid guidelines are the only ways to end this pandemic. 

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