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Arizona Has Pleasant News, Reporting Slight Decline In COVID-19 Cases

Bringing a tiny relief to the current plight of the country, hospital leaders of Arizona come up with reports on a slight deflation of COVID-19 cases on Friday. 

The report came eventually after lesser numbers of hospitalizations occurred with suspected and confirmed cases of the pandemic, which may lead to the decline in numbers of cases in Arizona.

Arizona Has Pleasant News, Reporting Slight Decline In COVID-19 Cases

It has been weeks to hear positive news regarding the pandemic, but the media briefings by the leaders of two hospital systems in Phoenix on Friday suggested that the surge in contractions after Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s holidays started to turn down.

Arizona Has Pleasant News, Reporting Slight Decline In COVID-19 Cases

The largest health care delivery system, Banner Health is currently planning to start conducting postponed surgeries from Monday, but not widely as before. The plan would include outpatient and those who need no more than a single day stay without ICU care. 

The chief clinical officer of Banner Health, Dr Marjorie Bessel said that the nation is on the verge of a decline in positive cases of COVID-19 and locally, Arizona too.

He added that the p[ositivityu rate in Arizona has slightly declined from its peak, which was noted last December, though it is still very high.

The statewide hospitalizations were at the zenith on the 11th of January with 5,082, whereas, on Thursday it was reported as 4,495.

However, the number reported on Thursday is still very higher than the hospitalization level of the summer peak, where the cases were reported as 3,517 on July 13.

Bessel said that the state is still experiencing the uncontrolled spread of the pandemic even though good news has come on suggesting the decline in numbers.

He emphasized that the hospitalization rate of the hospital system is still 700% more than what it was on November 1. Besides, the usage of ventilators has also increased by 1,000% since November. However, over the past week, it has stabilized.

The Chief Clinical Officer of Valleywise Health’s 2601 E, Roosevelt St. hospital in central Phoenix, Dr. Michael White said that though the hospitals are still congested with COVID-19 patients, a downturn has started to be seen by the health system in Arizona.

He added that it is quite encouraging but it was noted on the same day when the state reached 12,000 deaths and 700,000 COVID-cases.

A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that the state remains a hotspot for the virus and ranked again as the highest in the nation as the past few weeks had a greater rise in contractions and death rates.

The mortuaries of the hospital systems are still full, and refrigerated morgue trucks have been used. 

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