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Arlington And Virginia, The Fittest Cities In The US For The Fourth Consecutive Year!

Where does your city stand in the matter of fitness?

Scientists ranked 100 fittest American cities. Among them, Arlington and Virginia remain the topmost for the fourth consecutive year.

Arlington And Virginia, The Fittest Cities In The US For The Fourth Consecutive Year

Gyms and other fitness facilities remained closed for the country for the most part of 2020. The COVID 19 pandemic came in sowing death. And it forced the Government to lock down the country.

Arlington And Virginia, The Fittest Cities In The US For The Fourth Consecutive Year!

Researchers released the annual list of the fittest cities in the country on Tuesday. It brought one fact to light. The options of Americans to stay fit during the lockdown depended largely on geography. People who lived in communities that offered spacious trails to walk and the bike could stay active. They could ward off the troubles like high blood pressure, obesity, heart ailments, etc.

The Anthem Foundation and the American College of Sports Medicine published the list of 100 fittest cities in the countries. They use 34 indicators for the purpose. Behaviors, personal health, walkability, and air quality are just a few among them to mention. They use these indicators to assess a community’s strengths and determine barriers that prevent people from leading a healthy life.

Communities that offered their residents safe space to walk, exercise, play, or hike stayed fit and active during the lockdown. When people felt safe, they stayed active even when confined to the indoors. In these places, people went out with their families and had a good time within their communities.

In Virginia and Arlington, 86% of people reported staying active for the previous month. These are the fittest cities in the country for the fourth consecutive year. Minneapolis, Seattle, Denver, and Madison, Wisconsin follow suit.

Oklahoma was last on the list. Tulsa, Oklahoma; North Las Vegas, Nevada; Indianapolis; and Wichita, Kansas are the five others that come at the bottom. The report also reveals that the majority of Americans did not follow CDC’s recommendation of 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week to stay healthy.

Not even one in four adults did any exercise during the time. Almost one-third of the adult population in the large cities in the country is obese. 14% of them also smoke. 

Cleveland was the worst in quality of sleep. And St. Louis ranked last in the matter of food security.

They have been publishing the fitness index for the last 14 years. This time, they included two new aspects: quality of sleep and food security because of the pandemic.

According to analysts, lack of sleep is one of the four health risks people experienced during the time. The inability to maintain standard body weight and smoking come next on the list. The report lists consuming alcohol as another risk for personal health. But it is not included in its assessment.

Texas scored the highest in sleep quality. 78% of its residents slept for up to eight hours a day. Cleveland, as mentioned, is the last, with just 53% of residents getting enough sleep.

A great number of Americans had trouble sleeping as they adjusted themselves to working and schooling from home. As per the report, lack of sleep leads to slow metabolism, poor concentration, reduced productivity, and cancer.

If you feel that the pandemic destroyed your life, you are sure to feel stressed out. And it is sure to affect the quality of your sleep.

There are also those who slept more during the lockdown. This happened because they did not have to drive to work. And they did not have to spend much time on their morning routine.

Food insecurity is another cause of concern; the report points out. Up to 15000000 people in the country suffered due to lack of access to nutritious food.

All these are challenges the nation is facing as a whole. And it is working hard to eliminate the same at the earliest.

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