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As COVID 19 Vaccine Booster Shots Become Easily Available

COVID 19 vaccine booster shots are about to become widely available in the country. In this scenario, an expert suggests that people may receive their first dose from one provider and another from a different one.

The expert hopes that when the FDA evaluates the booster dose applications from Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, they would recommend mixing and matching of shots.

As COVID 19 Vaccine Booster Shots Become Easily Available

On Oct. 14th and 15th, FDA’s vaccine advisory committee will convene a meeting to review the application for booster shots from Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.

On October 20th and 21st, the vaccine expert panel of CDC will meet to review the same.

As COVID 19 Vaccine Booster Shots Become Easily Available

Pfizer acquired emergency use authorization for its booster shot towards the end of September. The shot is available for those above 65, for those prone to fatal illnesses if infected with the virus, and for those whose work has put them at high risk of infection.

Experts believe that authorizing the mixing and matching of doses will make it easier for those who have received the shots of Johnson & Johnson and Moderna to get the booster dose. This will make sure that they get the booster shot if the one from Pfizer is not available at the site they receive the booster.

mRNA vaccines have to be inter-changeable, experts observe. Both use genetic material to produce their vaccines. The formula Pfizer uses is different from that of Moderna. And the doses being administered too differ slightly. J&J vaccine uses inactivated viruses of the common cold to provide genetic instructions to the body.

Experts, however, advise utmost caution when receiving the J&J booster dose. People have to be mindful of its association with rare and serious blood clotting. It mostly affects women below 50 years of age. There are reports of people going for a different booster dose even when they are fully inoculated with the J&J shot against COVID 19.

Health officials had announced in September that research about mixing and matching of doses is going on. They have received the data, but are yet to publish it.

At present, the Centers for Disease Control has published the following data:

  • Over 6000000 fully inoculated people have received their third dose until now.
  • The daily average of those taking booster shots in recent days is 417,237.
  • 282,317 people receive their first dose of vaccine every day.
  • 295,072 people are receiving full protection every day.

Certain immuno-compromised people too are receiving their additional dose. This, in effect, is not a booster shot. Their immune system may not have responded well to the first and second doses.

In the meantime, the number of COVID 19 infections is declining in the US. But experts advise utmost precaution. The country should give utmost priority to ensure that every single person here is getting fully inoculated. There are places where the rate is still high even today. According to the data released, the daily average of new infections and hospitalizations declined up to 14% this month.

Racial disparities are slowing down the nation’s progress in the field. The worst affected are the blacks and the brown people. The rate of new infections, hospitalizations, and emergency unit admissions among minorities is much high when compared with whites. A recent study, however, shows that the gap is getting narrower. Even then, numbers remain high among American Indians. The number is the lowest among Asian-Americans. It is 142 for every 100000 people.

Another report from the CDC shows that children in ethnic minorities are more likely to lose one or more primary caregivers to COVID 19; 65%. The same is 35% among the whites.

Are you fully protected against the virus? If not, get it at the earliest. Even today, the vaccine is the only way out of this pandemic.

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