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As Soon As Vaccines Are Approved For kids, Millions Of Doses Shipped

Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio has given a tempting incentive for speeding up vaccination rates. On Wednesday, he announced that all city employees, which account for nearly 160,000 people, must get vaccinated by October 29 or they’ll be sent on unpaid leave. However, for everyone complying, a bonus of $500 is waiting.

To get this bonus, workers will have to get at least one dose by next Friday. Nearly 29% of workers or 46,000 have not taken their vaccine shots.

As Soon As Vaccines Are Approved For kids, Millions Of Doses Shipped

Since late September vaccines have been mandated for School workers and city health workers. The Mayor of the city reported that in these departments vaccination rates have crossed 95%. Other workers of the city got an option of regular testing but that is no longer the option provided.

As Soon As Vaccines Are Approved For kids, Millions Of Doses Shipped

De Blasio said that he feels his greatest privilege in serving the people of New York City, but that privilege comes with heavy responsibility.

According to the Food and Drug Administration authorization, more people in the US will be eligible to get a third dose of vaccine and will be able to choose any company they want.

However, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has not yet approved booster shots of Johnson & Johnson and Moderna. On Thursday the vaccine advisory panel is scheduled to meet to consider authorization of these two companies and then the decision will go to the director of the CDC.

The White House said that plenty of additional doses will be available for the people.

The Food and Drug Administration wants the same group of people to get the booster dose of Moderna as Pfizer. The booster juice of modern will be half of the primary dues, being around 50 micrograms.

Under the recommendations of the FDA, people who got shots of the Moderna vaccine would become eligible for the third dose six months after their primary doses. This is if they are above 65 years of age, immunocompromised, or have jobs that put them at risk.

The FDA said that the second dose of J&J will increase protection at the same level as the other two companies. Recipients of Johnson & Johnson will be eligible for a second dose two months after the first dose.

Rather than sticking with the vaccine of the company they took initially, people will have the option of mixing and matching the vaccines and choosing from various options.

A battalion chief of Florida was fired because he refused to take action against employees who did not get vaccinated, but were just trying to protect everyone, said the firefighters union.

Stephen Davis, Fire Rescue battalion chief of Orange County, was relieved from his job on Tuesday as he didn’t follow orders, said the fire department’s spokesperson, Lisa McDonald.

On Wednesday, the Biden administration said that they have gathered enough vaccine doses and are all set to distribute them equally for 28 million kids of the nation aged between 5-11 years as soon as officials approve them.

The vaccines of Pfizer-BioNTech, according to Jeff Zients, coronavirus response coordinator of the White House, could win authorization for children. And once that is done, nearly 15 million doses would be shipped by the first week, he said.

According to a report by Yelp, a majority number of businesses that shut down because of COVID-19 have now reopened. 85% of businesses that are closed down in March 2020 are now up and running. Many shops, outlets, and restaurants have not yet opened with a full capacity between staff shortage and recent coronavirus surges.

The vice president of Yelp, Justin Norman said that the majority of businesses that reopened are true epitomes of adaptability and perseverance.

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