AstraZeneca’s Fluctuating Efficacy Rates Leads To Its Questionable Credibility

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 26, 2021

The drug pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has updated its new data on the Covid-19 vaccine works, stating on late Wednesday evening that this vaccine in the results has shown only 76% efficacy for the symptomatic Covid-19 disease and a 100% efficacy for various critical or severe disease that needs the hospitalization.

AstraZeneca’s Fluctuating Efficacy Rates Leads To Its Questionable Credibility

This vaccine is only 85% effective for preventing these symptoms in its volunteers that are aged above 65 as the company had said.

These numbers are not very different from the data which is released in the statement by the company on Monday. As per the data released on  Monday this data which the company has already released through some news release. It should be kept in mind that this is not a formal submission peer-reviewed report or made for the U.S. FDA or Food and Drug Administration reviewing.

AstraZeneca’s Fluctuating Efficacy Rates Leads To Its Questionable Credibility

This primary analysis of the vaccine is very consistent with the former released interim analysis. It confirms that this COVID-19 vaccine is quite effective in adults, which also includes people aged over 65 years. The company is looking forward to filing its regulatory submission for the authorization for emergency usage in the U.S. and it is also preparing for rollouts of hundreds of millions of the doses for America. This is as said by Mene Pangalos, who is the executive vice president for the biopharmaceuticals research in the company.

On this Tuesday, an independent DSMB or Data and Safety Monitoring Board which reviews the data from various Covid-19 vaccine companies has expressed multiple concerns over AstraZeneca’s announcements on the latest findings, and which is unusual. The NIAID or National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has publicly announced these pressing concerns.

DSMB has expressed its concerns under which the AstraZeneca may have included some outdated information for that trial, which also has an incomplete overview concerning efficacy data as said by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases which has already helped AstraZeneca for running the trials in the U.S.

To this, the concerned authority has replied that it is urging the company for working with DSMB for reviewing the efficacy of this data and ensuring the most accurate and up-to-date efficacy data so that it is made public as early as possible.

On this Monday, the company has said that its Covid-19 vaccine is showing around 79% efficacy against the symptomatic disease and about 100% efficacy against the severe disease and hospitalization due to it.

The trial was done on around 32,449 volunteers in Peru, Chile, and the U.S. which has shown that the people who have got this vaccine are 76% very less likely would have symptoms of the Covid-19 as compared to the one-third of total participants that got the placebo. This vaccine is given in 2 doses, 4 weeks apart.

As compared to the other vaccine trials, this company has been looking forward to seeing that how many of the vaccinated people have got the Covid-29 symptoms when compared with the unvaccinated people.

There were around 190 of the total cases in the first analysis. And 14 additional probable or possible cases had to be adjudicated so that the number of the cases and its point estimated might fluctuate slightly as the company has said.

AstraZeneca would also be submitting primary analysis for the peer-reviewed publication which will be published in the coming weeks.

As with some other Covid-19 vaccine trials, the volunteers are not tested regularly for the Covid-19, so there no knowledge that how many of them might have gotten the asymptomatic infections.

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