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Attorney General Barr Resigns After Clashes With Trump

Attorney General William Barr has resigned after clashes with the Trump administration. He has served the president for a long time and was considered a Shield and advocate for Donald Trump. Even Trump had said that the Attorney General is a man of courage and integrity a few months ago. However, after Barr declared that there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the US Presidential elections, the Trump administration had clashes with him.

Attorney General Barr Resigns After Clashes With Trump

Donald Trump announced the resignation of William Barr in a tweet and said that decision came after a pleasant meeting with the Attorney General at the White House.

Even William Barr did not have any negative comments to make on the Trump Administration and thanked the president in his resignation letter. He praised Trump for his accomplishments and also pointed out the Russia investigation as a partisan attack on his Presidency.

Attorney General Barr Resigns After Clashes With Trump

He added that it was an effort to cripple the administration, and Donald Trump stood strong and resilient even during those attacks. He also praised Trump for building the strongest economy in American history that has brought significant progress to all sections of the society.

William Barr is set to leave office on December 23, and the Deputy Attorney General will be the acting Attorney General, according to the letter sent by Donald Trump. The meeting with the Attorney General was held at the White House on Monday, and an amicable understanding of how things should move forward was considered with the senior administration. Officials of the White House said that William Barr was not asked to resign by the Trump administration.

Some people at the White House were surprised at the timing of the resignation of the Attorney General. Many of them thought that William Barr did an incredible job trying to repair the damage to the Department of Justice by being grateful to the law.

Even though Donald Trump openly expressed his displeasure about some of the statements made by the Attorney General, William Barr fought for the president whenever possible and served to his best as the Attorney General.

As soon as William Barr openly made a statement that there was no incidence of widespread fraud during the recently held Presidential elections, Donald Trump had raised the prospect of the attorney general’s departure from the office. Even the Trump campaign did not talk about such allegations in courtrooms whenever they filed a lawsuit challenging the election results.

Political analysts say that the Attorney General had very few rivals in the inner circle of the White House, and he was always available to defend the president and his political allies without attracting criticism from democratic and other members of the Justice Department.

Earlier this year, William Barr had intervened in criminal cases that involved two former aides of Donald Trump. Even these efforts could not save William Barr as Trump dumped his second Attorney General for not agreeing with his point of view regarding the election results.

William Barr had earlier served in the Bush administration and also worked as a lawmaker and Senator during his career. As soon as he was appointed as the Attorney General, he surprised many lawmakers when he disclosed that some Federal investigators spied on the Trump campaign and it was connected to the Russia investigation. An inquiry was launched into the incident, but the final report was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Critics have a different point of view as they say that the Attorney General acted as the personal advocate of the president, especially with regards to the Russia investigation probe. Legal experts are of the opinion that the new Attorney General will be under tremendous pressure to restore the integrity of the Justice Department.

William Barr had publicly defended Donald Trump during the Russia probe even as it became evident that he tried to intervene in the investigation. The Attorney General even went to the extent of accusing the political rivals of Trump with harassment during the election campaign.

Not only that, the Attorney General even supported some of the claims made by the Trump campaign with regards to the mail-in voting system. The Trump campaign had alleged that this system was vulnerable to fraudulent activities, and it would threaten the integrity of the election. However, the relationship between Trump and Barr went sour after the election results were officially announced.

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