Will Australia Face A Deadly 2022 With The Rise In Covid

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 10, 2022

With Omicron and Flurona taking hold of the Covid affected world, it seems that Australia has taken a huge hit in terms of its effect on the human population. In one of Australia’s most populated states, New South Wales, 16 deaths have been reported in a single day (Sunday) as it dawns to be the “deadliest’ day during the pandemic.

Will Australia Face A Deadly 2022 With The Rise In Covid

Australia had relaxed its rules on the return of workers in cases where they are asymptomatic. The state portrayed over 30,000 cases in recent times. This has forced many of the individuals in the workforce of the nation to return to their isolation. The 16 deaths that have been reported include individuals in the ages between 60 and well into their 90s.

Will Australia Face A Deadly 2022 With The Rise In Covid

No statistical reports have been published concerning the rise in covid cases amongst sectors such as food and manufacturing. With the increase in the infection count, most of the workers have been on unpaid leave. The conditions of these workers must be assessed, analyzed, and confronted to ensure that the state is not left to fend for itself in terms of essential food products. The health department of the state has allowed workers with no symptoms to work in isolation.

Since it is the food and related industry, workers can only be given leniency to work alongside others in cases where their absence is critical to the team. Food manufacturing workers are essential for the sustenance of society since daily needs have to be met. With decreased workers on board, it seems that refilling stocks in departmental and food stores seems to be a difficult task.

The workers must comply with the state rules on safety upon returning to work. They will have to agree and implement the risk-management strategies put forward by the employers as well. Daily testing is one of the prerequisites while joining work and positive results may cause a return into isolation.

These rules are not just true for food and manufacturing. Sectors that deal with safety and hygiene products, cleaning products and equipment, quality control checking, packing, transportation, and similar processes will have to adhere to the Covid-related rules set by the companies and the government. Thereby, the food safety, agricultural, and bio-security departments are under pressure to produce more products with decreased workers.

With South Wales setting an example, other states are gearing up to prevent unnecessary risks. Although cases are on the rise, steps are still necessary to be implemented when it comes to food and manufacturing departments. South Wales has a total of 1927 hospitalized individuals of which 151 of them require intensive care. Victoria has also reported a high number of cases of around 44,155 as of Sunday. The state reported 8 deaths on Sunday but the health authorities state that the infections are not severe. This is merely the number of recorded cases. The official statistics are still unknown since many individuals ignore the symptoms.

Rapid Antigen tests are being conducted all around the nation and the majority of the cases (80%) are those of the Omicron variant. With Flurona in tow, authorities have taken the new task to introduce the variant to the general public.

One step that we can take as individuals is to recognize the symptoms timely and avoid association with the public. Intentionally communicating and spreading the virus is an offense and will be taken seriously. It is better not to put other individuals at risk since the new variants seem to find loopholes to spread with ease and persist for quite some time.

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