Authorities Are Trying Their Best To Ease Air Travel Between The U.K. and U.S.

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 13, 2020

According to well-known reports, attempts are ongoing after months of extreme constraints on travel globally to London and New York City. The coronavirus brought the entire industry to its knees. With the lockdown, everything was on hold, and there was a huge loss to the travel industry. 

Authorities are trying their best to ease air travel between the U.K. and U.S.

But the virus is “not yet over,” the source added. The U.S. imposed multiple extreme travel limitations earlier this year when the Trump administration dealt with the continuing coronavirus pandemic. This included the prohibition of travelers from hundreds of countries, the renewal of flights, and the diversion of thousands of medical test travellers. In March, the Administration extended its bans on disseminating the coronavirus from Europe to cover the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Yet now, a coronavirus pandemic has taken down large regions of the network. Since the beginning of the year, the number of regular flights has declined by 80%, and almost all passenger services have been suspended in some areas.

There is a survival mode in the industry: airlines, airports, and ground handling businesses all desperately maintain their cash reserves as their usual income sources have shrunk.

The carrier’s parent company IAG has reported that it has been preparing to decrease the number of employees to 12,000 from the airline’s 42,000-personnel. Massive employee cuts are also expected. IAG said that for ‘several years,’ B.A. did not expect passenger traffic to rebound to 2019 levels.

In comparison, for two months, Easyjet has been laying off their 4,000 U.K. cabin crew, Qantas has placed 20,000 workers on leave, and 700 American Airlines have decided to retire early. Foreign air traffic to the U.S. crashed in the months that followed.

Officials looking to reopen said that the issue is if the two agencies will approve with a quarantine of fewer than 14 days. Some sources also added that there are also possible issues with state and local concerns, even if the quarantine targets were achieved.

The Wall Street Journal first published the program news. A Homeland Security official told CNN: “We’re working on how to safely facilitate transatlantic travel and minimise public health threats through our interagency allies, the industry and our foreign partners.”

By the end of this year, officials plan to open travel between the two cities. However, specifics still need to be developed, and the timeline is uncertain, the officials of the Administration said. For tourism to open, officials want a “new negative test,” but according to an administrative official, it is still uncertain who will gather the details and check the outcome. “Who’s going to search for the negative test? And who’s going to do the — TSA, the airlines?” said the official.

The official says that it may be a suggestion, but it may not be a must to allow transatlantic travel, because quarantine is not something that the USA will extend. As a prerequisite for all passengers and aircrew members before international flights, the International Air Travel Association called for a coronavirus screening on airports on 22 September.

The organization, which comprises approximately 290 airlines in the world, called upon policymakers to develop and finance the test scheme. United Airlines revealed last month it would give a number of its passengers coronavirus monitoring – making it the first airline in the USA to do so. United is offering Hawaii-based testing for travellers from San Francisco on Thursday in a pilot testing scheme that the carrier plans to extend to other destinations.

The testing helps to prevent a 14-day quarantine in Hawaii, which is otherwise mandatory. A number of restrictions are being removed, and several new ones are being imposed to keep the travellers safe. CNN announced in September that Trump plans to put a halt to the coronavirus screening of travellers from abroad arriving in the United States. In January, the United States began performing better screenings at selected airports of travellers from Wuhan, China. Last month, the United States stopped restricting international arrivals from some countries to 15 airports and increased screening funneling.

Passengers are told of the dangers and are instructed to follow the rules for their own safety. Last year, it was the world’s second busy long-distance traffic route, with more than 14,000 flights between New York and London Heathrow. However, under the prohibitions on coronaviruses, Britons cannot reach the United States directly from the United Kingdom. Those entering the United States have to separate for two weeks on arrival.

“One of the big measures toward recovery is setting a Regional Pilot Scheme between the U.S. and Europe, Canada, anywhere in the Pacific,” said Sharon Pinkerton, Senior Vice President of the airlines towards America. First, in the USA, New York was the epicenter of infections, but now it is among the lowest in the world.

However, travellers from other parts of the U.S. are more affected should be dealt with in New York. The U.S. Department of Transportation has said: “it is happy to help the secure re-start of US-European international air flights.”

“The federal government, foreign partners, and business leaders want to speak about these issues,” he said. “There are negotiations that can be possible, and some restrictions can be relaxed if the government gives a green flag.

It was first noticed at the end of last months that quarantine-free travel between New York and London had been permitted when the Ministry of Transport said: “We keep the data under constant scrutiny for all countries and territories and will not add a country to our list of travel corridors until we are safe to do so.”

To make the trial of passengers between New York and London more common, the airlines have called upon the U.S. and U.K. governments. Airlines For America, Airlines U.K. Airport, Heathrow Airport, Virgin Atlantic reported that “passenger test solutions for air transport” should be in operation between New York and London by the end of the months for ‘real-world facts and data to be gathered.’

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