The Forbidding Adjournment Of Avocado Import From Mexico To The US

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 15, 2022

Alligator pear is also known as avocado is a Persea Americana fruit that belonged to the Lauraceae family. They are rich in vitamin A, thiamin, riboflavin, etc, and also provide protein in great amounts. With 30% of unsaturated oil which is rarely present in any other fruit, it is also widely consumed by people all over the world.

The Forbidding Adjournment Of Avocado Import From Mexico To The US

The import and export of avocados are done at a wide scale due to which the avocado industries help in the employment of people on a large scale and even helps in the economy of the country exporting it.  Since it is consumed and demanded widely all over the world, It was reported that the avocado industry in Mexico gained a profit of $30,000 per year due to its export.

The Forbidding Adjournment Of Avocado Import From Mexico To The US

Its expansion continuity not only ignited global media interest in where the fruit is produced from but also the conditions in growing areas. Although avocados are a rich source of protein and are exported from Mexico at a wide range, recently there has been a big issue between different countries on the way of production of avocados and its area.

February 13, 2022, marked the date on which the developed and designated country the United States suspended the import of avocados from Mexico. The main reason for the adjournment was because a designated American administrator was menaced by the citizens of Mexico on a phone call related to the export of avocados and other concerning things about it.

It was also affirmed that the conclusion was made final after one of the U.S plantation officers on his way to investigate in Uruapan, Michoacan was intimidated by the state’s people on a phone call regarding the strict investigation in their area.

The U.S. government even propounded that the rationale for their investigation was to check whether the consignment that is outstretched to the United States doesn’t carry any type of offensive substance, disease, missile, etc that could lead to violence.

The examiners from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) even asserted that this type of threat against them and their country cannot be handled by them anymore and therefore it is superior to separate paths and choose any other country for them to buy the required source.

The permanent deferral was confirmed on 12th February 2022 on the eve of the super bowl in Inglewood California which was also considered as the biggest sale opportunity of the year for the Mexican avocado growers. This time it will not affect the prices as it already got shipped but for the future, it has been suspended permanently.

This is not the first time the U.S. is suspending the import of avocados from Mexico. The suspension of avocados by the U.S. had been done a lot of times in the previous decades but it was temporarily done unlike with the present steps taken. The banning was first done in the year 1997 to prevent the spread of scabs, pests, weevils in the fields of the U.S. orchards.

Michoacan, a state in Mexico, even had many criminal cases against it and is even considered as a criminal market. Don Gerardo, a Mexican, stated that the current avocado fields once used to be fields of marijuana.

This only enlarged the concerns of many countries like the USA and western Europe to buy good qualities of avocados and change their import source. However, Mexico even suffered a great loss in its economy due to the suspension of avocados as they played a major role in the economic evolution.

It was reported that the GDP of the country stooped down to a great extent and even the number of avocados that were imported to the U.S from $2.4 billion came down to $1billion in a week after the suspension.  Well, the Mexican government indeed tried to resolve the issues between the countries, and final decisions are yet to arrive from the U.S government.

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