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Baltimore Building Explosion Injures 23, Trump’s Blackwater Pardons

The explosion at a Baltimore highrise caused a partial roof collapse and close to 23 people were injured in the incident.

The victims were transported to the local hospital, and about 9 of them are in critical condition according to the reports given by the Baltimore fire department.

Baltimore Building Explosion Injures 23, Trump’s Blackwater Pardons

The firefighters union said that the explosion came from the 16th floor and some part of the roof collapsed due to the explosion.

Trump's Blackwater Pardons

The utility service Baltimore gas and electric companies offices are located in this high rise building.

According to official reports, the explosion was caused by the air handling and boiler system which was used by the construction crew working on the building.

Two workers who were washing the windows were trapped due to the explosion. The trapped workers were later rescued by the firefighters who continued to search the building for other victims.

Luckily, the building was nearly empty because of the holidays and also due to the coronavirus pandemic when the explosion occurred.

The officials have clarified that the explosion was not related to natural gas and it was not on at the time of the explosion.

Donald Trump’s grant of full pardon to Blackwater security contractors has raised many eyebrows across the nation.

The security contractors were convicted of murder and other offenses for killing 14 Iraqi civilians in 2007.

Many people criticized the decision and said that the misplaced sympathy of the president for the blackwater contractors degrades national security.

Experts said that these pardons would undermine the respect for the rule of law among the armed forces and security contractors.

Not only that, but it would also complicate the efforts of the commanders to ensure respect for the rule of law during military operations.

This gives a clear message that Americans can get away with any crime during a war situation, and the Islamic State and other terrorist groups can use this to brainwash their supporters.

Many people believed that the blackwater contractors pardoned by Trump were not Heroes Of War, and they did not deserve sympathy for taking bad decisions.

The department of Justice refused to allow impunity for this deadly act by Americans. This had exposed the brutal reality of the mindset of security contractors when it came to civilian lives.

The legitimacy of US military operations will be questioned in future due to the decisions taken by Donald Trump.

There is no accountability for violating the fundamental laws of War due to such pardons given by the president.

The United States has always believed in fighting in accordance with the limits of international law. The most fundamental aspect of this situation is to protect civilians from unjustified violence during the War.

It is often seen that some service members who accompany the military on the battlefield like the blackwater security guards fail to live up to the standards.

This can cause huge embarrassment to the entire military force during such incidents.

Critics have said that safeguarding civilians is the most important aspect while fighting and the security contractors who failed to distinguish the innocent from the enemy should be punished.

Criminal accountability for war crimes is needed to prevent security contractors from crossing the line during a war situation.

The armed forces and contractors should be held accountable for their actions, and they need to be punished for not following the rules while fighting the enemy.

Trump has taken several decisions in the recent past that has created a lot of controversies. During the last days of his term as President, Trump wants to use his special powers to the maximum. This incident has been criticized by several leaders across the country.

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